Events Director

Communications; Hospitality
Full time with benefits
Valley Church

Valley Church

West Des Moines, IA
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Job Description

The Events Director will create and execute strategic, world-class events that propel Valley Church's overall vision.


  • University education in related areas preferred (marketing, event management, etc.)
  • 5+ years of proven experience in related areas, preferred
    • Event or project management (conference management preferred)
    • Speaker/vendor contract negotiation and management
    • Recruiting and leading volunteers, especially specialized/skilled volunteers
    • Budget creation and management

ROLE: The Events Director is …

  • DNA Carrier: Completely embraces and contagiously communicates the mission, values, strategy and impact measures of Valley Church
  • Operations guru: Brings structure to complex major events, to create an ideal environment where participants can best learn and grow
  • Strategic Planner: Works with church leadership to execute strategic, world-class events and guest experiences that propel Valley Church’s overall vision
  • Vision Activator: Turns strategic plans into reality. Makes it happen on time and on budget
  • Maximizer: Constantly seeks ways to achieve greater impact with existing resources
  • Reproducer: With the entire staff, reproduces leaders, volunteers and followers of Christ
  • Cheerleader: Encouraging leaders, volunteers and fellow staff constantly
  • Solution Specialist: Able to identify problems and find solutions
  • Advocate for the audience: In tune with the perspective of audience. Participant-centric. Always seeking to enhance the experience of participants by proposing creative solutions that add relevance, meaning and engagement
  • Thought leader: Leads through expertise and winsome influence, rather than positional leadership
  • Idea scout: Sources ideas and inspiration from a variety of fields – tourism, technology, churches, visual arts, video, theater, pop culture, ministries, events, entertainment
  • Catalytic Leader: An equipper of the saints, able to rally people to a cause
  • Des Moines Fan: Passionate about seeing the Des Moines community, especially our immediate neighbors, thrive
  • Experimenter: Learns by testing new and out-of-the-box ideas
  • Mission Mobilizer: Fully “owns” our mission of mobilizing everyone’s God-given potential to deeply love Christ and their neighbors

PERSONALLY: The Events Director is …

  • Humble learner: Can take direction and feedback well and has a great desire to learn
  • Energetic Multi-Tasker: Able to work on a broad range of projects and levels
  • Healthy at home: No concerns related to spiritual or emotional health issues within her or his family
  • Time manager: Does not require external systems to prioritize; is intrinsically motivated
  • Trustworthy: Has unwavering loyalty to Christ, senior leaders and Valley Church. Understands sensitive situations and maintains complete confidentiality. Skilled with diplomatic endeavors
  • Flexible: Understands the complexity of working with a variety of staff and perspectives, and collaboratively works with patience, flexibility and grace
  • Person of integrity: At the core, he or she makes solid decisions based on lifelong, biblical values
  • Self-aware individual: Knows where he or she is weak; finds others to fill in those gaps. Emotionally intelligent and healthy
  • Disciple: Fully devoted to following Jesus in everything he or she does
  • Unquenchably curious: Continually searching out innovations, trends and new approaches. Invigorated by exposure to new experiences and new ideas
  • Adventurer: Thrives in new experiences and invigorated by new challenges
  • Self-starter: Compelled by a desire for growth. Routinely undertakes new projects on his or her own initiative

JOB: The Events Director is responsible for …

  • Managing Good for All Conference: Under direction from senior leaders, manages all logistics to host a national-caliber conference, equipping hundreds to love their neighbors and winsomely share the Good News. Responsibilities include overseeing: budget management, securing vendor contracts, volunteer staffing, speaker travel arrangements, determining resource needs, layout planning, event timeline planning, etc.
  • Managing other major events: Plans and executes meaningful experiences for major events, such as Good Friday, Easter and Christmas
  • Is present: Available to Marketing and Communication Team staff, leaders and key volunteers. Available to church family members on a more limited scope
  • Builds teams: Identifies, equips, empowers and leads volunteers
  • Communicates: Keeps his or her supervisor aware of the successes and struggles taking place in sphere of influence by proactively and consistently sharing stories and reports
  • Is a flexible servant: Helps others outside of his or her area of expertise. Performs other duties as required and directed to support the mission of Valley Church

SUCCESS of the Events Director is defined by …

  • Volunteer and staff development: Major Events and Guest Experience are led by capable, trained and aligned staff and volunteers. This person builds and equips leaders
  • Passionate alignment: There is excitement about the mission, values, strategy and impact of our church
  • Elevated participant experience: People love and share about creative and meaningful experiences, which help them grow in their faith
  • Maximizing resources: Resources (personnel, facilities, budget, time) are overseen and maximized for the greatest impact to Valley Church’s 1 year and 5-year goals
  • Increased Good for All Conference participation: Conference attendance is growing and attendees are mobilized and equipped as a result of the conference