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Rio Rancho, NM
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We are a multi-generational English-speaking church, located in a community with a high number of Spanish-speaking families. We are seeking to develop a Spanish-speaking ministry (Iglesia de Fe) that will include a Spanish-speaking congregational service that runs concurrently with the English Service on Sunday mornings.

This ministry will be integrated with our current church in as many ways as possible. Our vision is for one church with two languages; not a separate entity or “daughter” church. Our goal is to expand the spiritual influence and outreach of Faith church into the surrounding Spanish speaking community.
The Spanish service would be on the same campus at the same time, but in a different room. Children and youth would participate in the English service and programs, although this can evaluated further if there are needs to be addressed.

The Spanish-speaking pastor will join our current pastoral team as one of the Associate Pastors and will preach, minister, and shepherd in Spanish. He will oversee the development, implementation and management of the Spanish-speaking ministry. This would initially consist of strategic planning, vision-casting and outreach. Then, as the ministry begins and grows, it will include preaching, shepherding and other pastoral care and responsibilities for the Spanish speakers in the congregation.


  • Possess the character described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-3.
  • Affirm the Faith Church and EFCA Statement of Faith.
  • Willing to serve and participate as part of a ministry team.
  • Strong outreach and recruiting skills to start a ministry from the ground up.
  • Skilled in leading and managing volunteers.
  • Possess strong communication and administration skills.
  • Committed devotional and prayer life.


  • Bi-lingual, with Spanish fluency.
  • Understanding of (or willingness to learn) about the local Hispanic culture.
  • Meet minimum education requirements in accordance with EFCA policy.
  • College education is preferred, but not required.
  • Ministry experience is preferred, but not required.


MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT: The Spanish-speaking Pastor will lead the development and implementation of plans for a Spanish language ministry and Sunday morning service (in coordination with the rest of the pastoral staff and the elders). This will include engaging the Spanish-speaking community to build and establish the ministry, through various forms of communication and outreach.

SHEPHERDING: Once the Spanish language service begins, this pastor will prepare and preach sermons on Sunday mornings. He will also be responsible for providing pastoral care and shepherding to the Spanish-speakers of the church; this may include, but is not limited to: prayer, counseling, visitation, administering sacraments, ceremonies, etc.). He will also oversee the discipleship and training of these congregants through Bible studies, workshops, small groups, providing resources, etc., although he is encouraged to recruit and shepherd volunteers to help lead in those areas.

LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT: The Spanish-speaking Pastor will lead the ministry in a way that fits within the mission and values of Faith Church as a whole. He will lead the staff in planning and casting a vision that aligns with the whole church’s vision. He will be responsible for leading a Sunday morning service, and for overseeing discipleship opportunities and associated events for Spanish speakers. Furthermore, this pastor will need to recruit, develop and manage volunteers (such as worship team, discipleship group leaders, etc), and will provide general oversight to ministry scheduling, discipleship curriculum, and all facets of the Spanish ministry.

ADMINISTRATION: The Spanish-speaking Pastor will be responsible for a ministry budget that is approved by the church members. He will coordinate and work with the Deacon Board to ensure facilities are suitable for the ministry. He needs to be able to communicate effectively with other staff, the elders and church members.


The Spanish-speaking Pastor will be supervised by the Lead Pastor, who will provide general oversight, and will also provide an annual performance review. The Church as a whole is governed by an Elder Board who also provides accountability and guidance to all the Pastors.


Full time. Appx 40 hours per week.
A typical workweek is Sunday–Thursday, but the schedule is very flexible, particularly when there is requirements or responsibilities that take up weekends or evenings. Faith Church is committed to honoring and protecting the Pastor's time with family, and for self. However, there are key times and hours that he will be expected to be available in the office. There is an expectation that he will attend regularly scheduled meetings and events with other pastoral staff.


  • Expected range for starting salary is between $45k–$55K. The actual amount will be determined by the Elder Board, and is based on education and experience.
  • You will receive an additional $300 per month for retirement fund contribution.
  • Church ministry budget lines to help with ministry-related expenses.
  • Health benefits are not included.
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation and 2 personal days per year.
  • Sick days are accumulated at one sick day for every two months (max accrual 30 days).
  • A private furnished office will be provided in the church building.

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