Worship Director

Part time

Valley EFC

Chaska, MN
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Job Description

We exist to bring glory to God by calling all people into an abundant life with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission is…

  • To establish people in a living relationship with God
  • To equip believers to worship, grow and serve
  • To experience the fullness of God

The Vision of VEFC Worship Ministry is …

To cultivate a heart of true worship in God’s people that results in the praise of His glorious grace (Ephesians 1:6).

The Mission of VEFC Worship Ministry is …

To provide our church family with the opportunities and teaching that will broaden their understanding and passion for Christ-centered worship.

The Goals for VEFC Worship Ministry include …

  • To provide fresh and creative opportunities for worship
  • To present teaching on worship to the congregation
  • To grow as a team in our understanding and practice of worship
  • To equip team members to fulfill their ministry roles
  • To organize and structure for effective worship ministry
  • To strive for excellence in every aspect of the worship experience
  • To foster a profound sense of unity as a team

The Worship Ministry of VEFC is guided by the values of …

  • Humility: Offering our worship to God as unworthy children of a loving and merciful God. Our desire is that the Holy Spirit will fill us and lead our actions as lead worshippers as well as those of the congregation.
  • Preparation: Investing time (as a worship team) in thoughtful prayer and practice so that our best is offered in worship.
  • Creativity: Acknowledging that worship is an individual and corporate expression that honors God in a variety of forms.
  • Teamwork: Committing ourselves as lead worshippers in dedication to the ministry, unity in our direction, and mutual love and respect as a team. Our team seeks to foster the use and development of spiritual gifts and God-given talents among team members.
  • Participation: Creating an environment that encourages total participation by the worshippers and includes opportunities for a response, such as singing, praying, confession and acts of commitment to God.
  • Truth: Proclaiming the truth of God’s Word through a variety of means to hear and understand the heart of God.


The Director of Worship Ministries will work with the Senior Pastor and church leadership in the development, implementation and oversight of the worship ministry.


  • Character: Demonstrates a mature Christian faith, has the ability to handle and teach the Word of God effectively, agreement with our Statement of Faith and a lifestyle that is above reproach.
  • Passion: Compelled to lead the church toward authentic worship and develop a team of lead worshipers.
  • Leadership: Able to set a compelling direction for the worship ministry based on our purposes as a church and our mission as a worship ministry.
  • Management: Demonstrates the ability to recruit, equip and lead worship team members. Has the ability to prioritize ministry needs to implement fruitful worship.
  • Communication: Able to articulate the strategic ministry plan of VEFC and champion the message throughout the various aspects of the worship ministry.
  • Experience: Exhibits a sense of calling and giftedness as it relates to the worship ministry. Preferred experience should include participation in worship ministry, developing a worship ministry team and leading a congregation in worship.
  • Collaboration: Collaborates as a team player who is committed to the success of the worship ministry team, church leadership, and to the unity of the body.
  • Church Membership: The Worship Director is expected to become a member of VEFC and affirm its Statement of Faith, values and ethos.

Senior Pastor

Worship team, church staff, ministry leaders and congregation


  • Ensuring consistent and creative presentation of worship experiences for the church family of Valley Free
  • Overseeing the recruiting and management of the music, sound and multi-media teams
  • Designing and implementing the weekly and seasonal worship experiences
  • Developing a long-term plan and budget for the ongoing needs of the worship ministry


  • Part-time (15 hours weekly) with compensation determined by church leadership
    Position Status: Part-Time Non-Exempt

About this Church

Valley Free Church, located in Chaska, Minnesota, is a community of believers that has a desire and purpose to establish lives and families in the wonderful truths and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. To do that, we strive to provide opportunities for the whole family to grow in their faith. God has blessed Valley Free with vibrant ministries for children, youth and adults. All of our ministries are designed to help you grow deeper in your understanding and walk with Jesus Christ.