Solo Pastor

Full time with benefits

Centennial EFC

Forest Lake, MN
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Centennial Church is looking for a pastor who values his own spiritual vitality and is consistent in its cultivation. We strongly encourage participation in a Free Church Pastor Cluster. We desire a man of integrity.


Because we are a small church, our pastor will need to be involved in many ways. We value effective communication, as a preacher and on an individual level. Strong expository preaching is high on our list. He will be part of the elder board (see by-laws) and will work with the elders on long term ministry planning. He will give guidance to the ministry staff and oversee administration, and will give shepherding care in conjunction with Gospel Communities (small group ministry).


We as a church enjoy life together and strive to create a place for everyone to belong. We desire that our pastor and his family become an integral part of our church body, ministering to and with us. We desire that he be a co-equal member of the elder board, leading among and serving with the other elders.

About this Church

Centennial Evangelical Free Church is a small body of believers with a family feel. If you visit us, you will be noticed and personally welcomed! Our interactions are relational and intentional, both inside and outside of our church building. We are intergenerational and value children and youth, welcoming them to participate in the worship service and other gatherings.

We have twenty-two regular attending family units, and a possibility of ninety people (kids and adults) in attendance if all potential attendants were present. The age range covers all decades, including one in her 80’s who lives in assisted living. Members include five retired couples and seven empty-nest couples. Thirteen families have kids at home. At this time, two of our families have teens and two have kids in the teen and elementary years. Six families have elementary and preschool-age children and three families have babies and preschoolers.

A majority of our members are mature believers who regularly delve into God’s word. Over 85% volunteer within the church’s ministries and many are involved in leadership. A large portion of our members are college-educated and several have advanced degrees.

Currently, our services intentionally include a call to worship, Psalm reading and pastoral prayer, led by an Elder or staff member, and the ministry of the Word. We partake of the Lord’s Supper at the end of each service just before the benediction.

We are not identified with a specific community; members and attendees come from several of the surrounding areas. We are not a neighborhood church as such. We are a small church with a small building in an area where there are several larger churches.