Multi-site Campus/Worship Pastor

Full time with benefits

Highland Community Church

Wausau, WI
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We desire the Rhinelander Multi-site Campus/Worship Pastor to glorify God by shepherding the multi-site with clear leadership and loving care. We also desire that this role would purposefully lead others into joyful, corporate worship. The Campus/Worship Pastor should lead others into magnifying God with authentic, non-showy yet exuberant, relevant worship.


• A man of God, the Word, prayer and discipleship
• Godly character that is above reproach (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9)
• Sincerely loves people with a shepherding heart
• Possesses effective discipleship, leadership and equipping skills to lead a multi-site
• Is a loyal TEAM player on an extended staff that values TEAM
• Committed to St. Germain’s and Highland’s philosophy of mission and ministries. This multi-site is a joint effort between two like-minded, Evangelical Free Churches
• Possesses strong organizational, communication and time management skills
• Is a resourceful self-starter who is also flexible in changing situations
• Willingness to abide by the multi-site constitution/bylaws of St. Germain and Highland
• Adherence to the EFCA doctrinal statement (credentialing in the EFCA within 2 years)
• Is excited to commit to this position for a minimum of 5 years. Please do not apply if you are unable to commit to a minimum of 5 years.


Leading worship and shepherding the congregation are the two main roles.
• Lead a lay team to execute Sunday morning services with joyful excellence
• Lead worship rehearsals and services weekly at the Rhinelander campus. (Most of the preaching will come from either St. Germain or Highland; while some will be internal)
• Work with others to oversee the technical and worship aspects of our services
• Lead the recruiting and training of: musicians, audio, visual media operators and technicians, and other necessary Sunday morning roles for the Rhinelander campus including: ushers, greeters, coffee ministry, children’s church, nursery, etc.
• Provide a consistent shepherding presence to those attending the campus
• Assimilate newer attendees into the life of the body
• Counsel and visit those with needs
• Attend regular staff meetings until established (St. Germain and Highland)
• Maintains office hours at the campus
• Fills other pastoral duties as needed, including: preaching, weddings, funerals, etc.

Contact: Josh Reese ( or Jeff Hinds (

About this Church

This job position is a joint effort between Highland Community Church ( and Saint Germain Evangelical Free Church ( to create a multi-site in Rhinelander, WI.