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Journey Church

Clinton, IA
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The pastor’s primary responsibilities are to preach/teach, provide pastoral care and vision casting to Journey Church of Clinton, Iowa. In unity with the Elder Board, he will provide leadership, vision, guidance and encouragement to the church.

The pastor is accountable to the elder board for the leadership and development of the church in accordance with established bylaws. He will serve as a member of the elder board. In addition, he shares ex-officio status on all committees (except those dealing with salary and performance evaluation for the pastor position).


  • This position requires someone with a strong Christian testimony and proven experience in ministry/church leadership.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are necessary, along with a spirit of perseverance, enthusiasm and a willingness to work in a team-oriented atmosphere.
  • This person must fully agree with Journey Church of Clinton, Iowa’s doctrinal statement, comply with the Bylaws, and be open to licensing and/or ordination in the EFCA.
  • Preferred theological education includes a Masters of Divinity.


  1. Meet the scriptural requirements for a spiritual leader (reference I Timothy 3, Titus 1), thus having high standards of character, integrity, honesty, morality, etc.
  2. Strict adherence to Scripture in all areas of professional and personal life.
  3. Doctrinal adherence to the church’s Doctrinal Statement, especially to inspired, inerrancy of the Bible.
  4. Places emphasis on the exposition of God’s Word as it relates to the lives of people in practical, relevant ways through preaching, teaching and other forms of communication. This includes preaching that not only strengthens ones faith but helps people “give an account” for their beliefs, in real ways, to this vastly changing culture.
  5. Spend time in prayer on a daily basis. Be willing to pray with those with whom he comes in contact and foster a spirit of prayer in the church.
  6. Involved in personal and corporate discipleship by recruiting, modeling and training others, either through small groups or one-on-one, for spiritual growth and leadership development.
  7. Attend regular worship services, special services, and business meetings.
  8. Available to the congregation, including before and after services as other duties allow.
  9. Provide tangible pastoral care to the congregation, including visitations, tragedy support and counseling with discretion so that the ministry is not compromised.
  10. Provides visionary leadership (has ability to lead and motive congregation to follow).
    a. Creates an atmosphere of “expectations” to those in attendance.
    b. Responsible for leadership/oversight of church staff and staff functions.
    c. Processes good logic processing and decision making.
  11. Processes good administration skills - maintaining and driving both personal and church schedules.
  12. Provide ministry (directly or by delegation) for funerals, weddings, baptisms and dedications. Community activities outside of church are encouraged, but should not compromise the integrity of established church ministries.
  13. Accountable to the elder board. This includes his spiritual life, personal conduct, decision making and all aspects of his ministry.


Since the nature of ministry involves spiritual matters, it is expected that this person will discipline himself to maintain a relationship with God that evidences itself in spiritual and emotional maturity.

It is also expected that he will maintain high standards of morality and ethics and maintain a proper example to those both within and without the church. Any deviation from customary and reasonable ministerial standards will be considered possible cause for dismissal. If a specific question arises on this matter, the elder board will defer judgment to the EFCA central district superintendent.


Because of the nature of ministry, it is expected that this pastor will take time to enlarge his scope of understanding about church ministry and to increase his knowledge of the relevant Biblical, theological and leadership issues. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
• Weekly study
• Subscribe to journals and magazines appropriate for ministry
• Within reason, attend seminars and workshops that relate to ministry. These need to be planned and budgeted well in advance.
• Within reason, network with other pastors within the EFCA and within our community to create accountability and advance the gospel.


This pastorate is a full-time position that includes health insurance, PTO and retirement funding.


The evaluation of work performance is an ongoing process. It requires communication between the church and the pastor, as well as openness to critique and coaching on the part of both parties. The purpose of a job description and written performance appraisal is to document a summary of the individual's performance in relationship to the job description and responsibilities. Formal performance reviews will be conducted by the elder board as the board determines with the purpose outlined and reasonable advance notice given.

About this Church

Journey Church of Clinton, Iowa, is an EFCA church and follows the EFCA Statement of Faith. The church has about 150 active members.