Executive Pastor

Administration; Pastor
Full time with benefits

Emmanuel Church of Burbank

Burbank, CA
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Job Description


The Lead (senior) Pastor is the visionary, directional and preaching leader of the church, and the Executive Pastor is the organizational leader.


• Full-Time (40 hours/week), salaried, tax-exempt with possible parsonage. Medical benefits and Simple IRA retirement are available for this position.
• Reports to Lead Pastor
• Supervises the Facility Director, Office Manager/Bookkeeper, Communications Support and Office Assistant


Personal & Theological:

  1. Cultivates a growing, vibrant and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Possesses a growing spiritual and emotional maturity.
  3. Exhibits strong Christ-like character of morality, humility, grace, respect, honesty, peace and a sound temperament.
  4. Possesses a spirit of unity and contributes to a work environment of camaraderie and complementary teamwork.
  5. Theological alignment with the EFCA Statement of Faith and with Emmanuel Church on essential doctrine, moral doctrine and church governance.
  6. Philosophical alignment with the mission, vision and values of Emmanuel Church.
  7. Ministerial alignment with the leadership approach of the Lead Pastor, ministry structure and church polity of Emmanuel Church.


  1. Degree in Biblical/Theological Training from an accredited seminary or Bible institute.
    M.Div. or higher preferred.
  2. Possesses credentialing (ordination or licensing leading to ordination) with the EFCA or agrees to obtain credentialing within the first three years of employment at Emmanuel.


  1. At least 5 years of leadership, management and operational experience.
  2. Prior ministry experience in a church or parachurch.
  3. Prior pastoral experience preferred.


  1. Knowledge: proficient Biblical knowledge
  2. Administration: strong organizational, administrative and management skills
  3. Leadership: able to manage and direct staff and teams
  4. Relational: able to develop trust and respect and able to work well with staff
  5. Unifying: able to encourage unity, team spirit and camaraderie
  6. Teaching: able to teach, facilitate and disciple
  7. Shepherding: able to pastor, shepherd and counsel others


The Executive Pastor implements the strategic directions, initiatives and innovations of the Lead Pastor, manages healthy operational and administrative functions, church business and legal affairs and provides pastoral shepherding and teaching.

Implementation & Execution—40%
• Maintain a healthy, unified working relationship with the Lead Pastor and execute the visionary and directional leadership of the Lead Pastor.
• Assist the Lead Pastor, elder board, and/or ministry teams (as determined with the Lead Pastor) in projects, efforts or initiatives—scheduling, developing and implementing plans and goals – for the fulfillment of Emmanuel’s mission.
• Execute efforts that develop and support the stated vision and values of Emmanuel.
• Maintain active communications with the Lead Pastor in discussions involving decision-making, offering analysis, counsel and input.

Management & Administration—40%
Staff Management:
• Collaborate with Lead Pastor in shepherding the staff, pastorally and managerially. Ensure the achievement of goals by monitoring performance.
• Direct the processes of hiring or termination and help recruit and retain qualified staff.
• Develop esprit de corps between pastors, staff, elders, leaders and members. Cultivate a culture of camaraderie, trust and mutual edification. Implement the six staff values.
• Oversee personnel and office management. Set office policies. Maintain compliance with all employment laws and regulations. Manage all personnel records. Work with the Stewardship Committee to evaluate and recommend employee insurance, salary and benefits packages. Recommend hiring, promotion and termination of ministerial and non-ministerial staff to the Lead Pastor. Review and recommend revisions/updates, as necessary, to job descriptions and personnel policies to the Lead Pastor.
• Generate annual Employee Summaries and Reviews for all staff.
• Under the Lead Pastor’s direction, execute staff retreats, conferences and evaluations.
• Attend staff and elder meetings, retreats, conferences and trainings

Facility Management:
• Oversee all areas of facilities management. Work with the Facility Director and custodial staff to make sure the building and grounds are properly maintained and that the physical needs of all church ministries are properly met. Authorize major repairs and capital expenditures. Maintain up-to-date inventory of all church property. Make sure the church adheres to applicable building codes, laws and regulations. Establish policies and procedures for the use of the building and other church property.
• Review the church property for health and safety matters for potential liability issues.
• Serve as the church liaison with the church property management company.
• Design and approve property rental contracts/agreements.
• Supervise and direct the Facility Director.
• Work with the Facility Director and the Stewardship Committee to develop long-term plans and budget for major repairs, maintenance and improvements and direct the Facility Director to ensure sanitation, maintenance and repairs for all facilities.

Financial Management:
• Ensure that all financial policies and procedures are adhered to.
• Develop and manage the annual General Fund budget, Missions budget.
• Ensure the generation, vetting and approval of monthly financial reports.
• Participate in Stewardship Committee and Missions Committee meetings.
• Manage bank and investment accounts
• Supervise and direct the church accountant/bookkeeper

Human Resources Management:
• Maintain current adherence to all local, state and federal human resource policies.
• Oversee the church payroll services, ensuring accuracy and generating required reports.
• Supervise and direct the church office manager.
• Work with the office manager to oversee proper record-keeping, usage of and issuance of staff vacations, sick leaves, study leaves and PTOs.

Administrative Management:
• Manage the church databases and storage, including cloud drives.
• Oversee the organization and keeping of church records, documentation and archives.
• Generate the annual church report, plan and execute the annual congregational meeting, and organize the annual voting of elders.
• Oversee the church membership process, records and communications.
• Oversee and manage matters of church liability, legality and insurances.

Pastoral & Teaching Matters —20%
• Preach in worship services as scheduled, and potentially be part of a preaching team.
• Collaborate with Lead Pastor to refine teaching plans, sermon series, a teaching team and a system for developing/discipling emerging future teachers and leaders.
• With the Lead Pastor, develop the elders to be leaders, theologians and shepherds.
• With the Lead Pastor, shepherd the congregation and missionaries. Provide pastoral intervention and counsel. Minister to the sick, struggling and spiritually in need.
• Perform weddings, funerals, baptisms and communion as scheduled.
• Teach Growth Classes and facilitate Life Groups, as planned and determined.
• Support a system of intergenerational and lateral discipleship throughout the church.
• Be part of methods for developing future leaders, as planned.

About this Church

Emmanuel Church is a home to know God and be known. We want people who come to Emmanuel to feel at home, where they get to know God on a personally deep level and feel known. We accomplish this with our five core values centered on “flourishing.” We seek to disciple every person toward personal flourishing, having a thriving relationship with Jesus; relational flourishing, establishing a place to belong through fellowship; communal flourishing, seeking the good of the city to missionally reach the city; cultural flourishing, integrating faith with work and culture; and global flourishing, supporting and sending missionaries beyond for the glory of God.

Emmanuel, founded in 1941, has a missional presence in Burbank, California, the entertainment capital of the world. Burbank attracts young families because of its quality schools and safe neighborhoods. We are an intergenerational church. Our mission field includes those in the entertainment industry, families, children, youth, singles and retirees.

We believe in the expository teaching of God’s Word, corporate prayer and radical exercises of love and grace. We seek spiritual transformation through discipleship of our five core values. We love God fiercely, follow Jesus faithfully and seek the Holy Spirit’s movement in our church fervently.