Children's Ministry Minister

Children’s ministry
Full time with benefits

Emmanuel Church of Burbank

Burbank, CA
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Job Description


The Children’s Ministry Minister directs and develops the children’s ministry for the spiritual formation of children in a way that supports Emmanuel’s vision and values and follows the directional leadership of the Lead Pastor.


• Full-Time (32 hours/week), salaried, tax exempt with possible parsonage. Medical benefits and Simple IRA retirement are available for this position.
• Reports to Lead Pastor
• Supervises the Early Childhood Coordinator


Personal & Theological:

  1. Cultivate a growing, vibrant and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. Manifest moral character and godly attributes, expected of a person in Christian leadership
  2. Exhibit strong Christ-like character of morality, humility, grace, respect, honesty, peace and sound temperament
  3. Possess a growing spiritual and emotional maturity
  4. Self-starter with initiative
  5. Love children and relate well to parents and lay servers
  6. Possess a spirit of unity and contributes to a work environment of camaraderie and complementary teamwork. Able to resolve conflicts with Christ-like quality.
  7. Theological alignment with the EFCA Statement of Faith and with Emmanuel Church on essential doctrine, moral doctrine and church governance.
  8. Philosophical alignment with the mission, vision and values of Emmanuel Church.
  9. Ministerial alignment with the leadership approach of the Lead Pastor, ministry structure and church polity of Emmanuel Church.

Education & Experience:

  1. A college degree in a relevant field is required
  2. Prior experience as a leader/teacher in children’s ministry is required


  1. Strong theological and biblical understanding along with a comprehensive understanding of a child’s developmental stages and spiritual formation.
  2. Ability to develop age-effective children’s worship, education and outreaches.
  3. Ability to initiate new and creative ideas, elements and efforts to develop the children’s ministry, and to evaluate and implement Christian curriculum.
  4. Good organizational, administrative and communication skills.
  5. Proficiency in computer skills and online usage.
  6. Ability to recruit, lead, direct and cultivate teams, including directing the Children’s Ministry committee.
  7. Ability to provide training and support to teams and lay servers.
  8. Ability to engage children and effectively teach and shepherd them.
  9. Agreement to the standard legal background check required for children’s workers.
  10. Possessing an awareness of current culture and an understanding of how to effectively develop a Christian Education relevant to the issues of contemporary society.


The CM Minister works with children, parents, lay teams and staff to direct and develop the three main areas of Children’s Ministry – Sunday services and classes, Christian Education in the home and children’s outreach – for a child’s successful learning of the Bible, spiritual formation and faith in Jesus.

• Maintain a healthy personal, spiritual maturity and growth
• Actively contribute to the health and unity of the overall church body and staff team
• Serve on the Emmanuel Staff team, attending meetings, retreats and trainings
• Love children and care about their personal and spiritual well-being

Leadership & Development
• Ministry Development: Direct and implement a vision, strategy and structure of Children’s Ministry, that supports the vision and values of Emmanuel Church and the visionary leadership of the Lead Pastor.
• Leadership: Direct the Children’s Ministry Committee, teaching teams and other volunteer servers, including conducting meetings, setting goals and plans, and mobilizing teams in respective areas of children’s ministry.
• Growth: Promote numerical growth of children participating in Children’s Ministry.
• Recruitment and Mobilization: Implement measures and methods for recruiting lay servers. Mobilize and direct lay servers and teams for service in children’s ministry.
• Equipping: Provide trainings, resources and empowerment to Children’s Ministry servers for equipping them in educational/pedagogical excellence and effectiveness.
• Evaluation: Facilitate evaluations of the children’s ministry for future improvement.
• Roles Development: Propose and/or create positions and roles (paid/unpaid) in Children’s Ministry, as needed.
• Resourcing: Determine and manage overall resources needed for an excellent Children’s Ministry, including setting the budget, allocating resources and managing funds.
• Regulations: Implement State and Federal requirements regarding children in church. This includes developing and enforcing policies and procedures that ensure a healthy and safe environment and program for children.
• Administration: Oversee the scheduling of serving teams, calendaring of events and activities for children’s ministry, application processes, child registrations and maintenance/organization of supplies and equipment.
• Collaborative Unity: Integrate children’s ministry to be part of a comprehensive vision and unity for an overall movement of the church.

Education & Outreach
• Philosophy & Principles: Implement appropriate philosophies and principles of Christian Education throughout the Children’s Ministry for the effectual spiritual formation of children, remaining current in children’s ministry trends.
• Curriculum: Facilitate a process of evaluating, selecting and implementing effective curriculum for children’s services, children’s classes, Christian Education in the home, and special programs, while utilizing a strong understanding of pedagogical techniques.
• Children’s Service: Direct and develop the children’s services, offering a positive, engaging and fun age-effective worship of God.
• Children’s Classes: Direct and develop the children’s classes and the teaching teams for pedagogical effectiveness in Biblical, theological learning while applying a good understanding of a child’s developmental stages for spiritual growth.
• Christian Education in the Home: Develop, lead and promote Christian Education in the home, devising practical measures for parents and empowering parents to educate their children on Biblical, spiritual content/matters at home.
• Cultivating Parental Involvement: Maintain positive, healthy relationships with parents. Cultivate a culture of parental involvement in Children’s Ministry and Christian Education in the home.
• Children’s Outreach: Initiate, oversee and/or organize children’s outreach efforts for missionally reaching children and families in the community, including networking with community resources or organizations as needed.
• Children’s Special Events: Direct or work with staff on children’s special events (may overlap as children’s outreach), such as VBS, Easter event, and “Imagine” Fall event.
• Teaching: Teaching in children’s services, classes and/or other events, as planned or scheduled, for the spiritual development of children.

About this Church

Emmanuel Church is a home to know God and be known. We want people who come to Emmanuel to feel at home, where they get to know God on a personally deep level and feel known. We accomplish this with our five core values centered on “flourishing.” We seek to disciple every person toward personal flourishing, having a thriving relationship with Jesus; relational flourishing, establishing a place to belong through fellowship; communal flourishing, seeking the good of the city to missionally reach the city; cultural flourishing, integrating faith with work and culture; and global flourishing, supporting and sending missionaries beyond for the glory of God.

Emmanuel, founded in 1941, has a missional presence in Burbank, California, the entertainment capital of the world. Burbank attracts young families because of its quality schools and safe neighborhoods. We are an intergenerational church. Our mission field includes those in the entertainment industry, families, children, youth, singles and retirees.

We believe in the expository teaching of God’s Word, corporate prayer and radical exercises of love and grace. We seek spiritual transformation through discipleship of our five core values. We love God fiercely, follow Jesus faithfully and seek the Holy Spirit’s movement in our church fervently.