Pastor of Youth and Family Discipleship

Discipleship; Education; Evangelism; Pastor; Student ministry
Full time with benefits

Skandia EFC

Balaton, MN
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The Pastor of Youth and Family Discipleship will oversee family ministry with a special emphasis on youth. He will provide leadership of Skandia’s youth while overseeing the children’s ministries so children and youth might know Christ, become like Him and make Him known. He will also lead us to disciple/evangelize families, youth and children both inside and outside of Skandia. This position will provide vision and shepherding to ensure the continuity of discipleship from birth through high school.
The ideal candidate will be…


  1. Spiritually Mature: A vibrant, mature and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as demonstrated by a life that consistently reflects His character and priorities. A humble and teachable spirit, pursuing holiness. Feeds himself spiritually to feed others spiritually (Gal 5:16-24; 1 Tim 3:1-7; 1 Pet 5:1-5; Heb 5:14).
  2. Biblically Sound: Confident in the handling of God’s Word, with a deepening grasp of its truths. Able to communicate those truths clearly and compellingly with students, parents and volunteers and apply it to their unique needs and challenges. In full agreement with EFCA Statement of Faith and willing to pursue EFCA credentials (1 Tim 4:11-16; 2 Tim 2:15; Deut 6:4-9).
  3. Passionately Committed: A genuine love for students and the family and a sense of divine calling to ministry. A passion for unbelievers to come to know Christ. Driven to serve the Lord – joyfully, energetically and faithfully (2 Tim 1:5-7; Eph 4:11-12; Matt 28:19-20).
  4. Relationally Inclined: Connects easily and relate well to students, adults and parents in the congregation and the community. Emotionally healthy and sensitive to the needs of others. Friendly, compassionate, tactful, helpful, a team player (Eph 4:15-16; Jas 1:19; Prov 20:5).
  5. A Gifted Leader: Able to inspire, give clear direction, mobilize a team, organize resources and execute a plan. Skilled speaker, effective motivator of people, influencing others by word and example to follow Jesus Christ (2 Tim 2:2; Matt 20:25-28: Eph 4:11-12).
  6. Education/Experience: Prior youth and/or family ministry experience. Able to demonstrate a strong background in biblical knowledge, youth ministry, family discipleship, teaching and outreach. Must have a bachelor’s degree or comparable training in Biblical studies. A master’s degree is preferred, but not required. All training and experience will be considered.
  7. Embraces the opportunity of rural ministry: Skandia is located in one of the most rural counties in Minnesota. The ideal candidate will be excited about the opportunities that this creates for gospel transformation in multiple towns and communities across our region. He will see this as an asset to the unique gospel call of the church rather than a liability.


  1. Student Ministry: Develop the disciplemaking ministry to youth that balances winning them to Christ, deepening their faith and equipping them to reach and disciple their peers and the world for Christ. Help integrate students into church life and prepare them for continued church involvement after graduation.
  2. Family Ministry: Equip parents and families to be the primary disciplemakers of their children so that God’s Word and a Biblical worldview is learned and lived out in the home and community.
  3. Teach the Word: Oversee and practice a teaching approach that emphasizes the authority of God’s Word and helps youth and children develop a Biblical worldview with application of Scripture to daily life.
  4. Shepherding: Shepherd youth at Skandia, providing them with spiritual care and counsel, while implementing a comprehensive plan to connect with and disciple youth in the schools and community.
  5. Team Leadership: Recruit and train teams of disciplemakers for the youth and children’s ministries who will assist with planning and leadership of these ministries and who will disciple youth and children to become disciple-makers through small groups, classroom settings and one-on-one.
  6. Community Partnerships: Partner with area youth ministries in reaching our community for Christ.
  7. Children’s Ministry: Work with the Christian education board in crafting a discipleship strategy for all children’s and youth ministry.
  8. Preaching: Preferably preach at least six times per year and provide leadership in Senior Pastor’s absence.
  9. Administration: Plan ahead and follow through. Communicate with parents, elders, volunteers and staff effectively and in a timely manner. Coordinate with the church calendar and provide fiscal oversight of the student and children’s ministry budgets. Do all that is necessary to work faithfully and safely with those in our care.
  10. Team Player: Reports directly to the Senior Pastor, supporting the vision and values of Skandia. Be interwoven in the life of the body of Christ at Skandia. Work closely with the Senior Pastor toward common goals. Be accountable to the Senior Pastor and Elders.
    Division of Time: (Flexible based upon gifting)
    70% - Leading Youth Ministry
    20% - Discipling/Training Parents and Family Ministry
    5% - Overseeing Children’s Ministry
    5% - Preaching
    Interested candidates should respond by sending your resume to: or
    Skandia Evangelical Free Church
    722 221st St.
    Balaton, MN 56115
    Please call if you have any questions 507-734-4944

About this Church

Skandia Evangelical Free Church (EFCA) is a growing church with an average attendance of 140 in rural Balaton, Minnesota. We currently have one service, midweek programming for children and students during the school year, various adult ministries, and a small group ministry that meets in homes after Sunday service to share a meal, learn together, and pray. Our mission is glorify God, equip believers, and spread the gospel. God has given us a large mission field to accomplish this task. There are 14 communities represented in our church family. We understand our unique Kingdom purpose to be a center of Gospel teaching and transformation that radiates Jesus into these communities through the hands and feet of our people. You can learn more about our church and ministries by visiting: We are seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of Youth and Family Discipleship to join us in executing our mission and vision. To learn more about our community, visit: or