Director of Worship

Full time with benefits

Oceanside Christian Fellowship

El Segundo, CA
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We are looking for a full-time Director of Worship who will partner with us as we seek to fulfill our mission to passionately pursue God, healthy relationships and people who need Jesus.

With their own style, this person will work to cultivate an atmosphere and attitude of joyful worship in the lives of our church family by facilitating God-centered, biblical, celebratory, engaging and creative worship services.

We are looking for a strong musician with a pastor’s heart. The major responsibility of this role will be to train and disciple teams of people to help lead music and inspire worship in a variety of areas of church life, primarily Sunday morning services. This person will also assist in service planning, behind-the-scenes preparation and training, as well as other opportunities related to the music ministry and general church leadership.

We are seeking someone with a deep love for God who leads with integrity, character, creativity and skill. This person should be a humble team-player who desires to serve the church alongside other pastoral staff and volunteers. They should be skilled as a musician and vocalist, able to engage others from the stage and have experience leading music with a band.

Philosophy of Worship:

Exaltation: Our highest aim in musical worship at OCF is for God to be exalted. Focus on the object of our worship—the triune God—is more important than a focus on the experience of the worshipper. However, God is exalted through our affections; our worship should include our affections. We believe the best experience will flow from God-centered, rather than performance-driven, services.

Excellence: From planning to the implementation of the service, time and prayerful thought should be employed to make the service worthy of the worship God deserves. Leaders should strive for passion and intensity centered on the theme of the Scripture passage/key thought of the worship service. Musicians and vocalists need to exude this excellence through thorough preparation and engaging stage presence.

Participation: The congregation needs to be familiar with most of the music sung on any given Sunday so that they can concentrate more on expressing the words than on trying to learn new lyrics and melodies. To this end, as a general rule, all but one or two songs each week should be chosen from our core repertoire. This list is fairly expansive and will continue to grow. In addition to this repertoire being familiar, these songs are to be theologically sound and easily sung. This also assumes an emphasis on vocals with instruments used to support the vocals, not compete with them.

Expectation: We do not just direct ourselves toward God. We earnestly seek his drawing near to us according to the promise of James 4:8. We believe that in worship, God draws near to us in power, and makes himself known and felt for our good and for the salvation of unbelievers in our midst.

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities Include:
· Plan and execute excellent musical worship for Sunday services that exalt God
· Provide healthy, relational leadership for the worship teams and audio/video teams
· Recruit and disciple musicians and vocalists to serve in the worship ministry
· Recruit and train volunteers for the audio/video team
· Oversee the aesthetics of the auditorium
· Oversee the music at other OCF events

Necessary Skills:
· Heart of worship for the church
· Prior experience leading church-wide worship services
· Mastery of guitar and/or piano
· Vocal excellence
· Creativity and versatility with a variety of styles of music
· Strong, enthusiastic leader with experience recruiting and discipling teams
· Good communicator: comfortable speaking publicly, reading Scripture and leading in prayer
· Skilled in using technology for communication, planning and execution
· Competency in technical aspects of services (e.g., sound boards, lighting, video, etc.)

Words that describe our future worship leader (in no particular order):
· Christlike
· Sense of Humor
· Servant-leader
· Team player
· Humble
· Team builder
· Honest
· Flexible
· Faithful
· Passionate
· Mature
· Engaging
· Approachable
· Optimistic
· Self-starter
· Gracious

About this Church

OCF Church is a thriving community of Christ-followers in beautiful El Segundo, CA. Our passion is to build a community that pursues God, healthy relationships and those who do not yet know Jesus.