AVL Tech Lead Apprentice

Full time with benefits

Christ Community Church of Ames

Ames, IA
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Job Description

This position is comprised of four key areas: technical operation of AVL gear (40%), training and development of volunteers (30%), tech projects and maintenance (20%), personal development and growth (10%).

The primary functions include weekly management and operation of the Catalyst service technology; and the development of Tech Team volunteers to contribute in worship through greater technical ability and love for the Lord.

The secondary functions would include: maintaining AVL gear; implementing tech improvements and projects; helping build knowable, repeatable, scalable and invisible processes within tech ministry; and development in the Tech Leader competencies through the guidance of the Tech Coach to grow in leadership skills and AVL technical understanding.

This role includes the capability to responsibly, and sustainably cover the weekly tech demands of Catalyst, Classic, and WNL productions and other AV Pro events as approved through our strategic planning processes. This is designed to provide consistency in quality, replication of skills and growth for future ministry.

Approximate division of time and work
Current Growth = 50%
40% - Technical Operator
10% - Personal Development
Future Growth = 50%
30% - Volunteer Training and Development
20% - Tech Projects and Maintenance


• Lead Tech Teams in Catalyst and operate in the FOH Audio Engineer position
• Set the stage for Catalyst practice (and Sunday AM if reset occurs mid-week)
• Build Catalyst media playlist in ProPresenter each week
• Create Sunday lighting design and weekly visual worship set
• Meet with the Tech Coach regularly for direction, planning, development and work assignment
• Work with, and take direction from, the Worship Paster within pre-established
Catalyst practice and Sunday AM duties
• Manage online stream events for Catalyst services
• Lead Sunday AM Tech Crew Meetings (15min. huddle before each service)
• Guide Tech Members (8-10) through LP competencies and trainings
• Maintain AVL gear (firmware/software updates, repairs and troubleshooting issues)
• Help implement special projects (gear upgrades, process changes, stage designs)
• Schedule and manage Catalyst Tech Members in Planning Center Services
• Utilize planning and communication processes and tools (PCS, Asana, Synology, MS Suite)
• Train Tech Members in technical proficiencies needed in Media, Video Production, Camera Operation, Lighting and Audio Engineering for Catalyst
• Model and reinforce the Tech Member core competencies
• Encourage and care for Tech Members through getting to know them, listening well, praying for them and acts of care (birthday cards, celebrate wins, help them connect)
• Support and cover as Tech Lead in Classic and/or WNL when needed


Work Week: Sunday – Thursday with occasional Fri/Sat work (weddings, funerals, special events)

Direct Report:

Tech Coach: For weekly review, coaching, assignment of tasks, duties or schedule changes.

Skills & Qualifications

• Willing to learn and grow in audio, video and lighting technologies and ability
• Shows initiative and is a self-starter
• Attention to detail and asks clarifying questions
• Humility and ability to work on a team
• Growing interpersonal skills and able to work with volunteers of all ages
• Accustomed to technology and confident in learning new skills and workflows
• Good written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills
• Capable of teaching and helping others learn and develop

Education & Experience

• High School Diploma required
• College degree preferred
• Prior work experience preferred
• Experience with computer and IT networking preferred
• Photography/videography, music/recording, web/HTML, or lighting experience is a plus

Interested in learning more?

Contact Jeremy (jdbents@ccames.org) to get your questions answered.

Interested in Applying for this Opportunity?

Please Email with Cover Letter, Resume and 3-5 References.

Jeremy Bents
Christ Community Church of Ames
5501 GW Carver Ave
Ames, Iowa 50010
515-232-2765 office
515-451-6485 cell

About this Church

We seek to connect all people to life-defining relationships in Christ.

His grace can change our destiny; his life can make us whole. We’re both a team of servants and a family of brothers and sisters loved by God and growing into the likeness of Jesus Christ. We believe God’s Spirit is continually adding people to his family. Simply put, life is about relationships—God loves us and we love God; God loves people and we do too!

It was in 1963 that a small group of believers met for a Bible study in a nearby home. From this, beginning a church was born with 28 charter members. God had great things in mind. Soon evident was the reality that this growing church needed a new home and in life-stretching faith, five acres were purchased in the corn fields on a dirt road on the north side of town. As God’s vision continued to grow, expansion of that initial facility happened time and time again:
• 1969 – Church Built
• 1976 – New Christian Education Wing
• 1986 – New Worship Sanctuary
• 2009 – New Campus Phase One
• 2014 – New Campus Phase Two

God’s vision for connecting us in life-defining relationships in Christ continues to grow.