Pastor of Youth Ministry

Pastor; Student ministry
Full time

Stillwater EFC

Stillwater, MN
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Job Description

Purpose of this Position

The purpose of the Pastor of Youth Ministry is to build disciples of Jesus among the youth of SEFC and to win to Christ new believers among the youth of our community.

Working Relationships

Reports directly to: The Senior Pastor
Is accountable to: The Elder Board and the Congregation

Primary Ministry Responsibilities of this Position

  1. Develop and maintain a vital, consistent and growing personal relationship to God, through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Disciple the youth of SEFC both individually and in groups.
  3. Proclaim the gospel of Christ to those who attend SEFC and in our community through personal witness, through equipping the youth of SEFC.
  4. Collaborate and communicate effectively with the parents and senior pastor of SEFC concerning the spiritual development of students.
  5. Administer and expand the regular and special programs of our youth ministry.


• An established, consistent, committed and personal walk with the Lord.
• Meets the qualifications of Pastor/Elder from Titus 1:5-9 & 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
• A clear call to full-time ministry, particularly youth ministry.
• Full agreement with the EFCA Doctrinal Statement, including the current statement on marriage and gender.
• A demonstration of consistent personal character of integrity.
• An attitude of teachability and the capacity to work with others of differing gifts and convictions.
• Demonstrated leadership experience.
• A strong desire to reach and spend time with junior high and senior high youth.
• An ability to teach God’s Word effectively.
• A Christian college or seminary degree with an emphasis on and experience in youth ministry is preferred.

Primary Ministry Responsibilities in Detail

  1. Personal relationship to God and life development
     Maintain a daily time in the Word and prayer for personal growth.
     Maintain a walk of godliness and integrity in this world (living as an example).
     Develop further the characteristics of a spiritual leader and godly man as described in 1 Tim. 3, Titus 1, 1 Tim. 4:6-16; 6:11-14.
     If married, maintain an excellent relationship with one’s wife (and children) in love and unity.

  2. Discipleship
     Personally come alongside the youth to build relationships and to purposefully build spiritual growth into their lives.
     Disciple students in individual, in small group and in large group settings.
     Teach the Bible well, with wisdom, care and life-changing impact on the youth (Titus 1:9; 1 Tim. 3:2).

  3. Proclamation
     Demonstrate by example the priority of personal proclamation of the gospel of Christ.
     Build a heart and commitment among the youth for seeing other students come to know Christ.
     Train the students in personal and group evangelism.
     Plan and execute activities that will proclaim the gospel in our community and beyond our local and national borders.

  4. Collaboration
     Communicate regularly with the parents of our youth and cooperate with them in the discipleship of their children.
     Work with the leaders of our children’s ministry to encourage a unified vision for discipleship for all students from K-12.
     Lead, train and develop a team of adult volunteers, as well as a student leadership team to assist in youth ministry.
     Network and collaborate with other youth ministries in the area when beneficial.
     Keep the Senior Pastor and Elders updated on the status of the ministry.

  5. Administration
     Administer and expand the current weekly and special programs of our youth ministry.
     Manage the youth ministry budget.
     Meet weekly with the Senior Pastor to evaluate the ministry and for mutual discipleship.

Other Ministry Responsibilities

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in the various responsibilities of shepherding the congregation, as time and gifting allow, including preaching, administration and care ministry.
  • If gifted in these areas, the possibility for additional service to the church exists in worship music ministry and children’s ministry.

About this Church

Stillwater Evangelical Free Church (SEFC) is a Bible-centered church serving the community of Stillwater Minnesota and surrounding area. We exist to glorify God through authentic worship and the unwavering proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to accomplish this by cultivating committed disciples of Jesus that: Magnify the Lord in worship, Mature in faith through discipleship, Minister to others in the spirit of Christ and Multiply themselves by making more disciples.