Associate Pastor of Student & Discipleship Ministries

Full time with benefits

Faith Church

Milford, OH
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Job Description

Faith Church is seeking an individual with a pastoral call for the Associate Pastor position who exhibits the following:

Experience: He has previous ministry experience in a local church, in a youth and adult discipleship ministry roles. He has worked in unity with church elders and honors their spiritual leadership, counsel and accountability.

Character: He is holy, humble, transparent, trustworthy, teachable and faithful with a strong personal prayer life. His life aligns closely to the Biblical standards for elders (Titus 1:6-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7). He displays the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) while being able to verbalize his weaknesses, inadequacies and sins. He is a man who has experienced enough pain in life and ministry to keep him humble and dependent on Jesus.

Gifting: He has developed gifts in building a disciplemaking culture (Matt. 28:16-20), teaching/equipping the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13), leading/organizing youth and discipleship ministries, and investing in those who report to him. He also has a genuine shepherd’s heart (1 Peter 5:1-5).

Passion: He loves Christ passionately. He embraces and teaches a proper view of the sinful, grievously lost nature of natural man, and God’s marvelous salvation in Christ alone. He promotes a strong view of the pre-eminence of Christ in the life of the believer and the local church. He teaches and encourages a healthy, biblical vision for the local church.

Leader: He is strong but meek (strength under control), leading by example. He is able to communicate Faith Church’s vision and direction, in collaboration with the pastors & elders. He is actively engaged in personal disciplemaking.

Personality: He is friendly and approachable with a high level of collegiality with staff and members of the congregation. He can maintain a sense of gratitude in all aspects of life.

Theology: He has formal Biblical training, preferably seminary. He is in agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith. He embraces and teaches a high view of God, including His sovereignty, holiness and grace.

Philosophy of Ministry: He can articulate and lead from a Bible-shaped, Gospel-centered philosophy of ministry which embraces the local church as God’s vehicle for advancing His cause on earth. He can articulate and lead a family-centered youth ministry, where parents are coached to take the lead in discipling their children and the local church plays a crucial support and equipping role.

Gifts and strengths desired:

● Disciple-making
● Teaching and Equipping
● Strong Engagement with Youth and Families
● Organizational Leadership
● Shepherding
● Empowering others
● Compassionate
● Servant

Ongoing responsibilities:

  1. Partner with our pastors and elders to creatively build a disciplemaking culture.
  2. Lead our Youth Ministry (7th-12th grades), in partnership with our Adult Volunteers, to create a safe and nurturing environment for evangelizing and discipling our youth. Equip parents to disciple their children. Faithfully and winsomely teach the Bible to our youth. Organize youth events, camps and retreats. Recruit, train and provide leadership to all youth ministry volunteers.
  3. Lead our membership process and Equipping Hour (Sunday School hour focused on equipping the saints). Teach and train adults in an effort to disciple them in the faith. Recruit, train and provide leadership to our Membership Class and Equipping Hour teachers.
  4. Shepherd, nurture and pray for the flock at Faith Church.
  5. Provide an environment through which the Body at Faith Church can mature in Christ and be equipped for the work of ministry.
  6. Be involved in personal disciplemaking, inside and outside Faith Church.
  7. Manage, supervise, and conduct performance reviews for direct reports (when applicable).
  8. Demonstrate proactive leadership that reflects the mission, objectives, core values and the needs of Faith Church.
  9. Perform other pastoral duties, such as preaching, weddings, funerals, hospital visitation and other tasks as assigned, based on experience and gifting and in partnership with the other pastors.


  1. Qualifications for an elder as found in Scripture
  2. BA/BS from an accredited college or university
  3. MA/MDiv or higher degree from an accredited seminary is highly desirable
  4. Demonstrated pastoral amnd youth experience in a local church is highly desirable
  5. Experience managing and leading teams of volunteers
  6. Strong organizational, management and communication skills

After prayerful consideration, please submit the following application materials via email to If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email.
• Cover Letter – Introduce yourself and your interest in the position. Please also indicate if you can affirm the EFCA Statement of Faith without reservations (
• Resume – Document your ministry experience, educational background and at least five references
• Brief philosophy of pastoral ministry – Write a 2-to-3 page summary of your philosophy of local church ministry, and your philosophy of family-centered ministry as it relates to youth & the local church. Please include scripture references.
• 2 Ministry Samples – Please provide recordings of you teaching the Bible in a formal setting (e.g. links to a Sunday morning sermon or teaching at youth group).

About this Church

A Bible-preaching, gospel-centered, Christ-exalting, missions-minded, community-oriented, intergenerational church of approximately 400 (including children) that is seeking to make disciples in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati and beyond.