Director of Students and Music

Pastor; Student ministry
Full time with benefits

Felton Bible Church

Felton, CA
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The Director of Students and Music serves as a staff member for Felton Bible Church. His specific responsibilities include:

  1. Lead FBC’s student ministry, focused on young people ranging from middle school to college (roughly 12-22 years old).
  2. Organize and lead FBC’s music ministry, with a special focus on congregational singing during times of corporate worship.
  3. Join with the staff Elder for Preaching and Vision to lead and coordinate elements of FBC’s Sunday gatherings (i.e. Sunday School, worship services, etc.).
  4. Aid in various aspects of pastoral care for the FBC congregation.

The Council of Elders may modify this job description at any time, consistent with both the needs of FBC and the gifts and needs of the individual filling this role.


While an individual filling this role will not automatically serve as a pastor-elder of FBC, he will occupy a staff-ministry position that is “elder-like” in function and responsibility. The Director of Students and Music will meet the qualifications for an elder described in Scripture and articulated in "Felton Bible Church: An Elder-Led Congregation for the Glory of King Jesus."

In general, the Director for Students and Music will be:

  1. A man with a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Someone with a consistent character and lifestyle as described in Scripture, most particularly 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
  3. In agreement with the FBC Statement of Faith and other organizing documents or theological positions.
  4. Competent musically and able to lead Jesus’ people in worship through song.
  5. Able to effectively relate to youth ranging in age from 12-22.
  6. Capable of designing and leading effective Bible studies that are accessible to individuals between the ages of 12-22 (Note: This may include using appropriate curriculum).
  7. Possess adequate skills and education for the position.
  8. Ideally married (though this is not a “hard-and-fast” requirement).


The Director of Students and Music is responsible to the Council of Elders. The Council may exercise oversight of the Director for Students and Music through any means it deems appropriate, including in the day-to-day staff leadership function of the Elder for Preaching and Vision.

  1. On an annual basis the Director of Students and Music will provide the Council of Elders with a written plan outlining his anticipated youth ministry efforts for the next year.
  2. The Director of Students and Music will participate in the annual review process established by the Council of Elders.
  3. The Director of Students and Music will keep a regular work schedule as determined in coordination with the Council as a whole.


Though what follows is not all-inclusive, duties for this position generally include:

Pertinent to Students – Lead a ministry according to the vision described in the FBC Youth-Student Ministry Team document. In particular, this will entail a once-per-week gathering of FBC’s students for the purpose of helping them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. In his role with students, the Director of Students and Music will participate in Teams of Ministry meetings or other similar gatherings as directed by the Council of Elders.

Pertinent to Sunday Gatherings – At the discretion of the Elder for Preaching and Vision, consistent with time and gifting, the Director of Students and Music will help lead FBC Sunday gatherings. This may include periodically teaching Sunday School. It will routinely involve taking a part in public services through prayer, the reading of Scripture, sharing information with the congregation, etc. If he is gifted and willing to do so, the Director of Students and Music may also be called to periodically preach.


Those interested in responding to this job description should contact the following:

  1. P.J. Davis – (831-335-3418)
  2. Dan King – (831-335-3418)

About this Church

Felton Bible Church is a long-established congregation situated in Felton, CA, approximately seven miles from Santa Cruz, CA.