Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry & Missional Living

Discipleship; Evangelism; Pastor; Student ministry
Full time with benefits

Christ Community EFC

Ashland, OH
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Job Description


Work as a partner with Senior Pastor and Elders to shepherd the flock. Oversee youth ministry and disciple students. Lead congregation towards community outreach, evangelism and missional living.


We would like to free up our Senior Pastor from the responsibilities of youth ministry. At the same time, we are sensing a need to reach our community and equip our congregation to live missionally. This is an area we have already made progress in, but we would like to take our growth to the next level by allocating ministry resources. Most of all, we are looking for a ministry partner who is passionate about Jesus, God’s people and working together.


• Have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a passionate, growing, personal relationship with Him.
• Meet the biblical qualifications for elder/pastor (I Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9).
• Be in agreement with the Evangelical Free Church’s Statement of Faith.
• Passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel and able to equip believers to live missionally in their community. Eager to influence the congregation to minister outside the “walls” of the church.
• Has a heart for discipling young people and a burden for preparing them to serve the Lord as adults.


• Work hand-in-hand with Senior Pastor & Elder Board, attending Board Meetings and connecting throughout the week with Senior Pastor.
• Partner with Senior Pastor in developing strategies for leading our congregation in the areas of outreach and missional living.
• Serve regularly in areas of need (in keeping with giftedness) on Sunday mornings during worship service.
• Lead a small group (adults/families).
• Preach 4-8 times per year.
• Lead 2:42 Youth Group and disciple students.
• Recruit, equip, disciple and schedule volunteers. Develop leaders.
• Manage all budgeted accounts and financial transactions related to ministries overseen.


• Technological Literacy
• Preaching Ability

FULL-TIME. Total Compensation Package: $47,000.

About this Church

Christ Community is located in a rural community 10 minutes from Ashland. Our mission statement is: "Knowing, Growing & Showing the Love of Christ."

We are looking for a candidate who will lead our youth ministry to take that responsibility off our senior pastor. We are also looking to grow in the areas of outreach and missional living.