Technical Arts Associate

Full time with benefits

Constance EFC

Andover, MN
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Job Description

Oversee integration, installation, maintenance and utilization of audio and lighting systems across all venues (30%)

  • Provide training on audio, media and lighting systems for staff and volunteers to operate equipment across all venues.
  • Provide technical support (either directly or via training of staff and volunteers) for Constance events and ministries including conferences, weekly gatherings, student ministries and funerals.
  • Oversee audio/video support for facility rentals; work or staff events as necessary.
  • Design, maintain and setup audio and lighting equipment in the Auditorium, Traditions and Student venues.
  • Support the Video Producer by assisting with installation and maintenance of video equipment, including projectors, computers, cameras, switchers, etc.
  • Monitor technical equipment life cycles and advise the Worship Arts Pastor and Pastor of Administration on equipment maintenance and purchases accordingly.

Oversee audio and lighting efforts for Constance worship services (40%)

  • Serve as the lead audio engineer for Constance Free Church.
    • Personally mix audio regularly in the Auditorium venue for a variety of worship services including, but not limited to, regular Sunday morning auditorium services and other church services including Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Good Friday, etc.
    • Recruit, train and oversee front-of-house and broadcast audio engineer volunteers.
  • Serve as lead lighting designer for Constance Free Church.
    • Train and oversee volunteer lighting operators for auditorium worship services.
  • Provide technical support and training for Traditions service volunteers.
  • Set stage and prepare audio equipment weekly for worship services and rehearsals.
  • When not personally mixing audio, serve as producer and manager at front-of-house to lead and encourage volunteer team.

Serve on the worship arts ministry team (30%)

  • Attend and participate in meetings and other gatherings as required by Worship Arts Pastor, including but not limited to, weekly team meetings and frequent all-staff gatherings for prayer, inspiration and fellowship.
  • Lead the design and construction of all stage sets, collaborating with the Worship Arts Team. Develop volunteer team to help with stage and lighting changes.
  • Organize and maintain the stage and backstage areas for the auditorium and community room.
  • Collaborate with the Worship Arts Team to continually evaluate, develop and infuse a vision of modern, participatory, evangelistic worship within the volunteer team.