Worship Arts Intern

Arts; Student ministry

Constance EFC

Andover, MN
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Job Description

Worship Arts Ministry Experience and Development (6 Hours)

  1. Work with Worship Arts Pastor to create goals for ministry experience and engage in monthly reporting and coaching systems.
  2. Attend various staff meetings to experience various church functions.
  3. Complete administrative tasks related to student ministries worship leading.
  4. Serve as a member of the auditorium music and/or production teams.
  5. Commit to grow in ministry competency in areas of musical skill, worship theology and ministry leadership through regular coaching and practice.

Student Ministries Worship Leading (9 Hours)

  1. Plan and lead meaningful corporate worship at weekly high school and middle school gatherings on Wednesday nights and occasional student ministries events, trips and retreats, including but not limited to:
    a. Choosing songs and arrangements and preparing rehearsal materials.
    b. Organizing, scheduling and communicating with worship team and audio/visual support volunteers.
    c. Preparing song lyric service graphics to be displayed during gatherings.
    d. Setting up and overseeing the use of the audio/visual equipment.
    e. Conducting worship team rehearsals prior to each gathering.
    f. Leading the worship team volunteers and student body in corporate worship through singing and/or playing an instrument during the gatherings.
    g. Leading the student body by integrating meaningful prayer, scripture and speaking moments during gatherings.
    h. Shutting down the A/V equipment and cleaning up the platform after the gatherings.
  2. Occasionally work with Worship Arts Administrative Assistant on copyright compliance.
  3. Recruit, train, coach and disciple student worship team and audio/visual support volunteers.
    a. Perform subsequent, ongoing evaluation of worship team and audio/visual support volunteers.
  4. Meet with the student ministry staff for ministry planning purposes, including but not limited to:
    a. Weekly planning meetings for high school and middle school gatherings.
    b. Special planning and evaluation meetings for events and trips.