Lead Pastor

Full time

Doxa Church

Rochester Hills, MI
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Job Description


  • Weekly expository preaching of the Scriptures.
  • Administer the sacraments of Believers Baptism and Communion.
  • Plan and coordinate Sunday services with the Director of Worship.
  • Lead, feed and shepherd the Doxa Church family.
  • Perform weddings, funerals and other special events as needed.
  • Promote the spiritual core values, mission and vision of Doxa Church.
  • Supervises paid staff in day-to-day duties and tasks.
  • Oversees the overall operation of Doxa Church and its ministries.
  • Be in agreement with and uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of Doxa Church.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Elders Leadership Team.

In addition to meeting the General Qualifications above, the successful candidate will also exhibit character, competency and commitment in the following areas:
Preaching: Demonstrates competency in the pulpit as a gospel-centered expository preacher/teacher.
Theological Orientation: Reformed Baptist (as opposed to Dispensational or Charismatic) with a working knowledge of the Doctrines of Grace and New Covenant Theology.
Philosophy of Ministry: Focused on evangelism, discipleship, small groups and church planting as the primary mission of the church.
Leadership: Works effectively with volunteers and appointed leaders (elders and deacons) of the church.
Accountability: As an ex-officio member of the Elder Leadership Team, the Lead Pastor is “first among equals,” who are mutually accountable to one another.

How To Apply:

Send resumé, cover letter and video links of two recent sermons to: Doxa.PastorSearchTeam@gmail.com

About this Church

Doxa Church is a six-year-old Evangelical Free Church located in Rochester Hills, MI. Our elder led congregation is made up of all age groups with the fastest growing segment being young families. We are a theologically reformed church that places a strong emphasis on sound doctrine, expository preaching, evangelism, discipleship, church-planting, missions and small groups.