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Children’s ministry
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Stonewater Fellowship

New Braunfels, TX
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Job Description

The Director serves as an innovative, engaging spiritual leader and role model with strong biblical background who, with significant knowledge and understanding of current Generation Alpha children’s culture is responsible for designing, coordinating and overseeing a missional children’s community culture focused on reaching and building young disciples for Christ. Areas of focus include connecting
with children within the community, discipleship, mission and outreach.

Entering into this agreement, the Director covenants in agreement with the Statement of Faith, the overall philosophy of ministry of Stonewater Fellowship and will enter into Intentional Covenant Relationship with others of Stonewater. Core competencies and responsibilities are as follows:


Must be able to demonstrate possession of knowledge, experience and the ability to:
• Apply significant knowledge of current Generation Alpha and Gen Z culture (e.g., physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs and developmental physical, social and cognitive abilities).
• Lead children in spiritual development through age-appropriate engaging lessons, activities, conversations and events.
• Actively create and execute engaging weekly events that engage children and connect non-believing children with believing children for the purpose of relationally sharing the gospel with them.
• Remain calm, think quickly and react/problem-solve effectively in challenging situations.
• Recruit, retain and onboard volunteers, as well as create and support a culture of volunteerism among the people of Stonewater Fellowship.


SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT — Following Jesus includes prayer and spiritual disciplines, fellowship, growth and health and church relationships.
• Develop a yearly personal growth plan that fosters a vibrant spiritual life including time for solitude, retreat, reflection, prayer, and through personal Bible study, continued learning and a sincere commitment to understanding God’s Word.
• Seek and maintain relationships and disciplines in the context of active participation within the church community.
• Lead children and volunteer leaders in spiritual development.
• Ensure that all ministry is designed and carried out with a dependence on prayer that takes place out of the overflow of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT — Equipping volunteers and leaders includes key parent and volunteer care, recruiting, team building and training, supervision and vision casting.
• Partner with Stonewater staff, leadership and Student Ministries to cast vision for Kids on Mission Ministry.
• Develop and maintain consistent gatherings with volunteers and team leaders to build and sustain unity and provide vision and direction that is closely aligned with Stonewater’s overall mission and vision.
• Recruit new volunteers and adult leaders to build a team or teams that reflect the community.
• Train, supervise, develop, support and evaluate volunteers and team leaders, providing resources and experiences needed to implement the vision.
• Create and implement a leadership pipeline strategy for volunteers that requires, empowers and equips volunteer leaders to assume responsibility for leading and executing activities.
• Train team volunteers and leaders in how to work effectively in teams and develop a personal discipleship plan that includes a yearly ministry plan.


• Actively engage with children, volunteers and parents or guardians.
• Create weekly activities that engage children who are both inside and outside the context of Stonewater and connect non-believing families with believing families for the purpose of relationally sharing the gospel with them.


Specific direct ministry responsibilities during Period A, which is to focus primarily on the recruitment, retention and onboarding of Volunteers, include:
Ministry to Students

  1. Recruit new volunteers and adult leaders to build a team or teams that reflect the community.
  2. Actively engage with children, volunteers and parents or guardians.
  3. Partner with Stonewater staff, leadership and Student Ministries to cast vision for Kids on Mission Ministry.

Cooperative Supervision for the Growth of the Ministry

  1. Develop and manage a plan for continuing to effectively recruit, retain and onboard adult volunteers.
  2. Support the ongoing efforts of the current interim director to minister to children ages Pre-K through Kindergarten on Sunday morning and throughout the summer of 2022.
  3. Recruit the number of adult volunteers necessary to kick off Sunday Morning ministry for grades 1-5.
  4. Develop and manage a plan for reopening effective ministry to children in 1st through 5th grades on Sunday morning and throughout the week, during the next 2022-2023 school year.

Community and Stonewater Leadership

  1. Be an active participant in the church community of Stonewater Fellowship, school community and community-at-large.
  2. Respond to voicemail, e-mail and phone calls in a timely and professional manner from parents, volunteers, Interim Director and your direct reports of Stonewater Fellowship.


“Taking care of business” includes accounting, administration, communication (internal), data management and strategic planning.
• Adhere to all Stonewater Fellowship policies and procedures concerning conduct and time management.
• Provide clear, prompt, appropriate and professional communication to everyone involved in ministry.
• Set yearly strategic ministry plan and initiatives and review it on a regular basis.
• Perform other duties as assigned and congruent with gifts, experience and Stonewater needs.
• Accept both short and long-term assignments of projects.


• Participate in Stonewater staff conferences, training or other retreats.
• Pursue and participate in additional training (e.g., continuing educational seminars, workshops, courses, programs or degree opportunities, etc.) designed to enhance professional skills related to ministry, including those that may be deemed necessary by Lead Pastor or Executive Director.
• Participate in learning activities designed for personal spiritual maturity or personal enrichment.


Scott Richerson – Jesus Follower/Lead Pastor
Stonewater Fellowship, 9380 FM 306, New Braunfels, Texas 78132
Phone: 830-907-4004

About this Church

Stonewater Fellowship is a four-year-old church in the stunning hill country of central Texas.

  • Missional leadership
  • Biblical centric in our teaching
    We were an EFCA church plant and are looking for a candidate who will fit our missional heartbeat.