Lead Pastor

Full time with benefits

Bethel Church

Devils Lake, ND
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Job Description

  1. Preach and teach God’s Word.
    • Preach at Sunday worship services 40-44 Sundays/year.
    • Be faithful to Scripture and seek to help the congregation understand and apply the message to their lives.
  2. Provide leadership, vision and overall direction for the church.
    • The Lead Pastor of Bethel will provide the directional leadership for the church and work with the elders to develop and articulate the vision, mission, values and ministry initiatives, which in turn will guide ministry decisions and priorities regarding staffing, programming and budgeting.
    • The Lead Pastor is empowered to manage and direct the staff, resources and ministries of the church, as agreed upon by the elder board, to accomplish the mission and set the long-term direction of the church.
    • Lead the church in developing and maintaining a Discipleship Pathway.
    • Develop and implement a recurring Leadership Development Process.
  3. Supervise the church staff.
    • Lead Staff in developing and maintaining a process of assimilation of new attenders and follow-up of existing attenders.
    • Provide direction, encouragement and ongoing supervision for all paid staff.
    • Lead staff in developing their ministry goals and accountability in pursuing those goals.
  4. Provide gospel shepherding and biblical counseling.

About this Church

“This isn’t your typical North Dakota church!” Take a second look and you will discover that God has raised up a vibrant ministry in the heart of North Dakota’s Lake Region. Bethel seeks to be inwardly strong; nurturing committed followers of Jesus; and outwardly focused; impacting the area far beyond the limits of Devils Lake. From the beautifully designed, well-equipped auditorium where the people of God gather weekly for worship, to the gymnasium where people from the community are invited to play basketball, to the classrooms where children are loved and cared for on a daily basis, Bethel strives to use its amazing facilities for the Glory of God. While the facilities at Bethel are excellent, it is the people that make Bethel great. Bethel is a multi-generational church where new believers and seasoned saints worship, fellowship, serve and grow together. As a church, we exist to glorify God, point people to new life in Christ and help them to follow Him as a way of life.