Youth Pastor

Student ministry
Full time with benefits

Bethel Church

Fargo, ND
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Job Description

Position Overview

  • This is a full-time pastoral position responsible to give overall leadership to youth ministries (6th-12th grades).
  • The position is responsible to train and equip staff, volunteers and parents as disciplemakers.
  • This position will work collaboratively with the Director of Children’s Ministries to develop and implement a comprehensive spiritual growth pathway for children, students and the families of Bethel Church.

Since this is a Christian ministry, any person holding this position shall fulfill the associated responsibilities in a personal and professional manner that provides a positive witness for our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Enthusiastically participate in the Ministry Leadership Team, collaborating with other ministries to establish a comprehensive and unified mission for Bethel Church.
  • Work with and through the assigned director-level staff to achieve the mission of Bethel Church and student ministry.
  • Provide oversight and development of a council and other leadership teams.
  • Provide ministry oversight, development and direction that will disciple and evangelize families and their students.
  • Oversee the development and carrying out of trips, retreats and mission projects.
  • Select, review and evaluate curriculum materials and educational tools.
  • Oversee and participate in recruiting, equipping and coaching the volunteer team.
  • Ensure that biblical and relevant teaching is provided throughout student ministry.
  • Ensure excellence in assimilating families and individuals new to Bethel.

Leadership Development

  • Develop and integrate ongoing training opportunities for leadership staff and lay ministry volunteers.
  • Establish regular leadership meetings with the lay leadership teams.
  • Encourage and oversee the professional and personal development of assigned staff.
  • Partner with parents to facilitate the spiritual growth of students.
  • Provide shepherding and spiritual encouragement to ministry leaders.
  • Develop a team approach to ministry within each area of responsibility.


  • Oversee the budget and financial decisions for the ministry.
  • Supervise ministry administrative staff.
  • Ensure the child/volunteer protection process is operating within current safety guidelines.
  • Develop and maintain healthy team relationships with pastors, directors, church staff, and ministry leaders through relationship building and attendance at regular staff meetings.
  • Ensure excellence in communication by working collaboratively with the Communication Team.

Related Responsibilities

  • Assist pastoral team in providing counseling as requested.
  • Be available for other duties including baptisms, communion, announcements and occasional preaching as requested.
  • Keep current with ministry trends through reading, seminars, discussions and conferences.
  • Be personally involved in networking with other ministries/organizations that are concerned with meeting the needs of people in our community.
  • Continue personal and professional growth by being involved in mentoring/coaching relationships.

Qualifications - Character Qualities

  • Meet the qualifications for an Elder-Pastor as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • Takes initiative to openly communicate with other staff members and is responsive to others in their communication.
  • Personable, courteous, responsive
  • Team player

Education and Experience

  • 4-year degree is required. Seminary degree preferred.
  • Desire 5 years of experience in a large church environment.

Reporting Relationships

Immediate Supervisor

  • Senior Pastor
  • Youth Ministry staff and volunteers
    Partners with
  • Ministry Leadership Team
  • Youth Leadership Council
  • Youth Ministry Staff

Status and Work Schedule

This is a full-time (40-50 hours/week), exempt position.

Prepared: May 2022

About this Church

“How awesome is this place! This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of heaven.” These words were spoken thousands of years ago by the Old Testament character Jacob as he awoke from a dream. So scared, so amazed, and yet so confident that he had an encounter with the living God that he named that place Bethel, which means, “the house of God” (Genesis 28).

Bethel Church is an awesome place too because God is here in our midst! For well over a century, people who gather and call themselves Bethel Church have seen God’s faithfulness. Hearts have been touched, minds have been transformed and lives continue to be changed, as we seek to become more like Christ in our realms of influence and around the world.

We are humbled, yet thrilled to be on God’s mission to reach the lost and encourage Christ-followers toward spiritual maturity. In addition to our commitment to empowering men and women to live, love and lead like Jesus in their respective realms of influence, as well as our global mission partnerships in a dozen nations around the world, our regional ministries connect with many in our community, including numerous New Americans who now call America home.