Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Student ministry
Full time with benefits

Living Hope EFC

Neillsville, WI
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Job Description



  • Desire and demonstrated ability to nurture students in their Christian growth through teaching, encouragement and discipline when necessary
  • Ability to receive teaching and correction with a Christ-like attitude and demonstrate this Christ-like attitude toward others
  • Relates well to people of all ages
  • Is a dependable team player
  • Effective organizer


  • Is born again as described by Jesus in John 3:5-7
  • Has a vital relationship with God demonstrated by a lifestyle of prayer, Bible study and personal integrity
  • Meets criteria of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Senses God's call to be involved in ministry


  • B.A. or equivalent ministry training
  • Recent training in student ministry issues


  1. This position is under the supervision of and reports to the Senior Pastor.
  2. Primary areas of ministry responsibility shall be High School and Middle School Students (70-75%), more limited involvement with Children’s Ministries (20-25%) and other responsibilities (5-10%).
  3. Shall be supportive of the EFCA Statement of Faith and Living Hope’s philosophy of ministry, mission statement, staff and leadership.


To Students:

  1. Encourage and equip students to live their lives as God intends.
  2. Provide consistent and relevant Bible instruction and application.
  3. Be involved in the planning, coordinating and implementation of ministries for students at various levels of spiritual interest and maturity.
  4. Promote and coordinate special events such as camps, conferences, mission and service trips.
  5. Maintain healthy, caring, discipling relationships and encourage volunteers to do the same.
  6. Establish rapport with students by attending regular church programs and through informal contact, such as school events, community activities, etc.

To Parents:

  1. Communicate vision of ministry and specific plans with parents. Endeavor to understand parents' concerns and integrate parents into the program when possible.
  2. Be a resource to help parents engage effectively with their children.

To Leadership:

  1. Recruit, train and supervise student ministry sponsors and volunteers.
  2. Give vision and leadership to the Board of Christian Education in the area of children’s ministry.
  3. Develop and submit an annual budget for the student ministry program.
  4. Participate in overall ministry to congregation as directed by Senior Pastor.
  5. Maintain positive working relationships with church staff and leadership.

For Personal Growth:

  1. Attend conferences and seminars for personal/professional growth and mentorship.
  2. Maintain an active involvement in EFCA ministerial, training and fellowship opportunities.
  3. Has or will pursue a ministry credential with the EFCA.

About this Church

Living Hope is a community of people from a wide variety of backgrounds who share a common purpose and hope through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our vision for Living Hope is to be a place where people who are seeking to know God and grow closer to him can discover the next step in living out a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.