Worship and Media Director/Pastor

Arts; Pastor
Full time with benefits

Fellowship Bible Church

Mc Gregor, TX
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Job Description


To implement the mission and vision of Fellowship Bible Church in Waco, Texas by providing authentic relational leadership in the worship and media areas while developing and multiplying healthy, mature, Christ-centered leaders in these ministries of the church.


Lead Weekend Worship and Special Services

  • Fulfill the worship ministry mission statement of: “Leading the body of believers at Fellowship Bible Church in the united exaltation of the living God in response to who He is and what He has done”
  • Oversee the Worship Center experience on Sunday mornings by planning and coordinating weekly services
  • Select songs, other worship elements (like videos), and develop order of service
  • Develop a call to worship outline that includes Scripture and readers
  • Arrange music, transitions and distribute music to team
  • Develop and communicate the worship team schedule and weekday rehearsals
  • Plan and coordinate special services (Easter, Christmas Eve, etc. Nights of Worship) and oversee that worship/audiovisual are covered for church-related events (i.e. occasional memorials, weddings, summer Bible Study in the Worship Center)
  • Identify and integrate new worship songs
  • Develop song bank for current series on monthly basis
  • Coordinate with Student and Children’s ministries to integrate them for occasional holiday and Family Worship Sundays
  • Set a culture of growth and standard of musical excellence and ensure all team members have the needed resources to accomplish the ministry mission

Recruit & Equip Teams

  • Keep vision, purpose and direction of the ministry continually before the Worship Team emphasizing a passion for Christ and the gospel, not just worship music
  • Champion the development of a ministry culture that is committed to an ongoing desire for personal growth and team development centered on God’s Word
  • Recruit, train and equip volunteers that will serve our church in the areas of the music ministry
  • Develop and guide audio, video and lighting team members
  • Plan and execute team gatherings for the purpose of fellowship, discipleship, alignment and training
  • Help ensure clear and consistent streams of communication with worship, audio, video and lighting teams
  • Identify, train and equip prospective worship leaders and team members
  • Develop an ongoing worship team rotation and schedule on a monthly basis
  • Develop and execute a ministry plan for the Worship/Creative Arts Ministry that includes an annual calendar, budget and ministry programming
  • Work with the Operations Director with establishing the annual budget and meeting facility and capital needs

Audio & Visual

  • Work with staff to brainstorm creative arts components to use in weekend worship
  • Partner with our Communications Team in developing videos and other ways of highlighting gospel transformation within our church community
  • Develop, work with and train the following teams: Streaming, Sound Tech, Lighting, ProPresenter

Pastoral duties

  • Develop and maintain healthy, supportive relationships with worship team members
  • Assist Children’s and Student Ministries in developing their worship teams
  • This position will include other pastoral responsibilities `

Additional Expectations:

  • Develop and maintain the areas used by worship, audio, visual and lighting teams and communicate needed repairs with custodial and repair staff (Stage, Sound Booth, Closet, and related areas).
  • Develop creative and inviting environments that will encourage church participation in worship and learning
  • Submit church-wide communication requests and calendar/building-use requests
  • Align the Worship Team with the vision, mission and values of Fellowship Bible Church
  • Participate in staff meetings, Worship Builder’s meetings and regularly scheduled meetings with the Senior Pastor
  • Participate in a small group



  • A committed disciple of Jesus Christ, who demonstrates spiritual and emotional maturity as a leader who supports and lives out the Mission and Vision of Fellowship Bible Church
  • A prayerful, God-dependent leader, possessing unquestionable character and integrity
  • Is proactive in identifying and implementing “next steps” in developing the church and addressing problems
  • Gifted in administration with a work history of meeting, and solving, a variety of challenges and problems
  • Excellent judgment; demonstrating wisdom and discernment in handling sensitive or confidential information
  • Has a teachable spirit that is open to continual learning
  • Able to competently, and graciously, interact and oversee ministry leaders
  • Reaching out and helping others become actively involved in Fellowship
  • Involved in actively discipling and developing believers and multiplying leaders


  • Able to articulate the church’s vision in a compelling way that generates enthusiasm and commitment to vision
  • Will delegate responsibility and authority clearly, and graciously, to staff and members and empower others to take action
  • Communicates effectively with others regarding critical decisions
  • Has a healthy sense of humor and enjoys people

Team Building:

  • An effective team player who creates a culture of excellence where people work together to produce desired results
  • Strong interpersonal skills in relating to a variety of people and situations
  • Appreciative of volunteers, realizing their importance to the effective operations of the church
  • An active listener, who can build consensus, while maintaining the strength of convictions

Organizational Skills:

  • Developed organizational skills; able to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously and is on time and efficient in their work
  • Strong implementation skills; able to carry projects through to completion; capable of translating ideas into action
  • Strives to keep meetings concise and timely, respecting other’s schedules and commitments
  • A self-starter who can work independently, yet solicits and values input from others

About this Church

Fellowship was started as a Bible study in 1978. The group grew and formed as a church and met in multiple locations in the city before locating on its 50-acre campus on the west side of Waco in June 2003. The church has generally experienced steady growth in the last 20 years and has built two buildings on its campus.