Pastor of Worship and Media Communication

Music and worship
Full time with benefits

The Springs Church

Springfield, MO
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Job Description

Lead worship services and help develop communication materials to represent the church’s mission and vision.

Ministry Description

  • To lead The Springs Church in its musical worship and serve the mission of discipling and reaching people to follow Jesus one step at a time
  • To collaborate with staff on marketing, media outreach, graphics, social media, web design and other communication materials to effectively and accurately represent the church’s mission and vision to both church members and to the community


  • Character: The worship and creative arts pastor must be a person of irreproachable character (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9), who is sound in faith and doctrine and qualified to teach the Word of God. He must model a growing relationship with God. He must be in full accord with our Statement of Faith and must be willing to perform his duties in accordance with the philosophies of worship ministry.
  • Management: Demonstrated ability to recruit, train, equip, and disciple new and existing worship members and manage the people and the budget of the worship ministry. Communication to all ministry leaders regarding policies, weekly schedules and other changes. Encouraging a team approach to problem-solving; encouraging a spirit of unity within the worship team as well as the congregation (Matt 18:15-35; A track record of leading others in a positive way).
  • Knowledge: Demonstrated desire to be a life-long learner; possesses a significant overall knowledge of worship ministry needs and processes for equipping the church to complete the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matt 22:37-40).
  • Technology: Knowledge and ability to work with many computer platforms/software. Mac computers, digital and audio boards, in-ear monitors, ProPresenter, Final Cut Pro, digital video cameras.
  • Education/Experience: B.A. with a music background. Grounded in values and knowledge of the Bible, in agreement with the EFCA Statement of Faith and other long-held visions on theology issues. Ability to read music, transpose, etc. Experience of faithfully working with or on a church ministry team and staff.
  • Fellowship: Able to submit to the authority of God, the congregation, and the elder board and to work as a team player with staff and the elder board. Personal commitment to Christ and an ongoing daily walk with Christ.


  • Worship
    • Plan and lead worship services and events in coordination with the senior pastor
    • Plan and lead music for special events, seasonal services (i.e. Easter, Christmas Eve, etc.)
    • Develop, early in the week, an order of worship in coordination with the senior pastor
    • Lead in worship. Be open to a variety of approaches (vocal, instrumental, behind-the-scenes coaching, etc.) and introduce variety into the worship service that best fits The Springs as well as considering an outreach focus (musical styles: hymns, Bethel Worship, Elevation, Hillsong, Sovereign Grace, etc.)
    • Lead worship ministry team
    • Oversee the technical aspects (production team, sound, lights, video and video production, etc.)
    • Establish a way to periodically review and evaluate ministry quality, relevancy and effectiveness; sensitively recommend and bring about needed changes in cooperation with the senior pastor and ministry leaders
    • Coordinate with the office the database of all volunteers in the worship ministry
    • Invest in key worship volunteers so they are competent in the key areas you oversee and help to recruit and train new team members who are a part of The Springs Church
    • Provide appropriate, weekly worship practice for team members
    • Seek out and develop existing and new leaders and participants (spiritual and musical skills); continue to grow spiritually and numerically the worship team
    • Encouragement, ideas, prayer and hands-on participation by the worship team members
    • Participates in the pastoral care of the worship team members


  • Message graphics: Design and create all message series graphics for use during services
  • Website: Maintain and update web content as needed
  • Social media: Update and manage content on multiple social media platforms
  • Graphic design: Create various collateral pieces for the ministries of The Springs vision and direction
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously, meeting firm deadlines; a self-starter who requires minimal supervision
  • Ability to communicate with volunteers and staff to gather information for communication of events, meetings, etc.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Desire to see communication mediums strengthen the church
  • Highly teachable, open to change and improvement for greater effectiveness
  • Understanding of brand consistency; ability to keep it through various communication mediums


  • Engage and encourage attendees in both public and personal worship
  • Respond to questions, issues and needs with biblical truth and loving concern
  • Keep the environment open to newcomers. When sharing from the platform about ministries and opportunities at The Springs, think of the first-time guest and communicate all ministries so they can understand
  • Participate in the pastoral care of the worship team members


  • Reports to senior pastor as his supervisor
  • Works closely with the rest of The Springs staff as a team
  • Work closely with all volunteers on the worship team

How to apply

Please send resume (including sample videos of leading worship and other media materials as appropriate) to