Pastor of Care Ministries

Full time with benefits

Constance EFC

Andover, MN
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Job Description

Department: Care Ministries
Classification: FT Ministry Exempt
Reports to: Admin Pastor
Supervises: Care Director
Updated: February 2023


To give oversight to Constance Care Ministries to glorify God by creating environments where people can Know, Grow and Go.


1. Corporate
a. Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
b. Has a maturing relationship with Christ and His church and is reaching out to those who do not yet know Him.
c. Unreserved commitment to the purpose, vision and core values of Constance Free Church
d. Ability to abide by the policies, procedures and practices of Constance Free Church
e. Can subscribe without mental reservation to the EFCA Statement of Faith
f. Effective communication skills: Written, verbal and interpersonal
g. Derives satisfaction from serving as a team player in a collaborative environment

2. Position Specific
a. Adaptable to the ebb and flow of Care Ministries needs throughout the year
b. Demonstrated history of using appropriate judgment with discretion, discernment and compassion
c. Possessing or willing to obtain credentials in the EFCA with the possibility to be ordained
d. Earned a master’s degree in a related field
e. Able to maintain confidentiality as a high value and practice
f. Passionate to see transformative ministry in the lives of those in times of crisis
g. Committed to the ministry of prayer
h. Able to administrate systems and processes that can support the diverse care needs of the congregation
i. Embraces the process of initiating conversations to establish a CARE connection, especially by phone


1. Support Groups and Programs
a. Develop, resource and help oversee Care Ministries support groups and programs which the Holy Spirit can use to provide a comprehensive ministry of support, which may include:
i. Stephen’s Ministers
ii. Side-by-Side Lay Counselors
iii. Grief Share
iv. Divorce Care
v. Premarital process
vi. Financial counseling
vii. Financial Peace University
viii. Workshops
ix. Prayer teams and ministry
x. Serve Days
xi. New ministry initiatives
b. Develop, resource and help oversee Care Ministries counseling resources for referrals:
i. Manage referral, payment and tracking system
ii. Vet and regularly develop relationships with professional counselors to which Constance refers clients

2. Benevolence
a. Solicit and respond to care needs through activities and resources like:
i. Phone calls, emails, cards, etc.
ii. Bridging applications
iii. Resource distributions
iv. Meals
v. Counseling referrals
vi. County resources
vii. Other means as available
b. Track benevolence activities and clients
i. Case management
ii. Database development

3. Prayer
a. Coordinate Constance response to prayer requests:
i. Pastoral staff
ii. Elder prayer
b. Promote prayer

4. Pastoral Functions
a. Pastoral counseling – Referral and personally
b. Visitations - Home and hospital
c. Weddings - Help plan and organize weddings with other officiating pastors, Care Ministries Associate, and Wedding Coordinators as applicable
d. Funerals - Help plan and organize funerals with other officiating pastors, Care Ministries Associate and Funeral Coordinators as applicable

5. Administration
a. Develop annual written vision and goals for Care Ministries consistent with the overall purpose, vision, values, policies and procedures established by the church
b. Continually assess and make ongoing improvements to enhance Care Ministries' effectiveness
c. Meet regularly with the Care Ministries Associate and Sr. Care Associate to give oversight, direction and support
d. Recruit, train, supervise and support all necessary volunteers to carry out the support ministry goals and objectives
e. Plan and control a Care Ministries budget and the Benevolence Fund
f. Work with the Office Manager for administrative support
g. Meet regularly with the Admin Pastor, Management Team, and other staff as applicable
h. Participate in weekly Staff Prayer and monthly All-Staff Lunches
i. Work with the Director of Communications to provide helpful Care Ministries communication to the church and community


  1. This position reports directly to the Admin Pastor
  2. This position collaborates with the Care Ministries Associate, Seniors Care Associate, Office Manager and Management Team
  3. This position relates with other staff members, lay leaders and ministry participants