Senior Pastor

Full time with benefits

Christ Community Church

Princeton, IL
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Job Description

The Senior Pastor will provide leadership, care and encouragement to Christ Community Church.


  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Consistent spiritual and moral character and lifestyle
  • Biblical leadership qualifications of an elder described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Competent in an organization and interpersonal relationships
  • Potential and desire to remain in a long-term ministry
  • Competent in Bible teaching and preaching
  • Successful ministry experience
  • Adequate skill and education for the position
  • Properly ordained or willing to pursue ordination


Primary responsibility for the teaching and sustaining of biblical doctrines of this church and equipping the saints for ministry.

a) Worship
i. Participate in leading/ organizing/ planning the weekly worship services.
ii. Preach/Teach the Word of God regularly
iii. Provide leadership to community prayer

b) Leadership
i. Join with the Elders in exercising spiritual oversight and vision setting
ii. Team builder who can work with staff, lay leaders and body to accomplish God's vision for the church
iii. Work with leadership to organize/develop gift-based ministries to the body and community

c) Administration
i. Partner with the elders, church officers, staff and ministry leaders toward effective management of the church

d) Training
i. Ensure the discipleship/training of ministry staff members, current/future elders of the church and the general church body

e) Relationship Builder
i. Get to know and love the body at CCC through one-on-one interaction, church events, pastoral visits and other activities
ii. Be an advocate for Life Groups to strengthen the body and reach the unchurched in our community
iii. Get to know and love the community we serve and identify ways to minister


a) The Senior Pastor will report to the Elder board
b) The leadership team will be evaluated regularly


The Christ Community Church Search Team is prayerfully seeking a shepherd to lead our congregation into the next phase of God's vision for our church. We are looking for a team builder who can work with our elder board and church family to accomplish the plan that God has given us for doing His work.

Christ-Like Character (Eph 5:1-2)

  • A clear sense of God's calling for your life
  • Willing to seek and follow God's vision for the church
  • Invest in consistent and disciplined commitment to personal prayer and spiritual growth
  • Exhibit biblical understanding in relation to moral issues, marriage/family, personal finances
  • Ability to work in partnership with the elder board
  • Geared toward humility and servanthood
  • Effective Communicator of Scripture {II Tim 4:2, S)
  • Ability to preach and teach the Word effectively
  • Ability to disciple other teachers of the Word
  • Ability to build a discipleship/teaching ministry

Shepherd-Like Character (John 10:11)

  • Relationship builder/Encourager
  • Servant's heart and attitude
  • Comfortable and effective with all ages
  • Willingness to minister through pastoral calls/visits
  • Shows practical demonstrations of love/Ability to resolve conflicts
  • Builds on authentic Christian community

Philosophy of Gift-Based Ministry {1 Peter 4:10)

  • Ability to train/encourage the church body to use their gifts for ministry
  • Vision for using life groups to minister to the body and outreach to the community
  • Vision and passion for local and global missions
  • Ability to develop needs-based evangelism
  • Ability to build teams/team leaders toward effective outreach
  • Ability to raise up future leaders for continuity/succession
  • Able to discern/cast God's vision; lead the ministries but not be the focal point heart/passion for worship {Luke 10:27)
  • Ability to lead the team toward building a passionate worship experience
  • Ability to build/structure an effective worship experience for all ages
  • Ability to use scripture, teaching, preaching, music, prayer and other resources for worship
  • Ability to use worship to transform lives, heal, renew, inspire change, shape decisions and bind the body


Send your resume and cover letter explaining why this position would fit your gifts, experiences, and passions to

To ensure consideration, the applicant's materials must be received by May 12, 2023.

Christ Community Church Pastoral Search Team

About this Church

The Church is located in a rural, farming area. It is approximately 120 miles from Chicago, Illinois, 75 miles from Peoria, Illinois, and 60 miles from the Quad Cities area.

Christ Community currently has one Pastor, one worship director and several adult ministry leaders. New staff would be added as the congregation grows. The Church affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America approximately 14 years ago.

The Church is currently experiencing growth up to 100 in Sunday attendance. Church Membership is at 78. This trend has been stable.

The economic and cultural characteristics of the congregation are heavily favored by our agrarian society. It is also impacted by tourism and light manufacturing in the surrounding area. Many of the members and attenders are retired, but actively engaged. Their economic level is middle class and above. Education range is from HS to advanced college degrees (above average). Cultural background of membership is mixed but predominantly western European.

Our governance is elder-led, supported by Christian education team, property team, missions team, music and worship, Sunday school, 2 children classes and three adult classes, small groups, hospitality and fellowship, adult bible study and prayer.

Our Worship Center seats approximately 180. The Worship Center was repainted in 2004 and a new A/C system was installed in 2005. Stained glass is prominent in various places.

The Pastor's Study and the Administrative Offices are located on the upper floor of the education wing.

Education Space occupies a large area on the ground floor, and also the second floor in the Education Wing. The ground floor includes a large social area with a full kitchen. Multiple classrooms and meeting rooms occupy both floors.

The church does not have a parsonage.

Christ Community Church lies on a beautiful 9-acre property with ample parking on finished asphalt parking lots, large lawn areas with children's playground equipment. It is adjacent to and has access to Zearing Municipal Park.


The members and attenders of Christ Community Church represent a cross-section of the Evangelical community. We have a theological viewpoint that is taken from the Reformed traditions of Luther and Calvin. The theology of the church is conservative and orthodox with belief in the traditional views of the Reformation. From our By-Laws: We believe only men should serve as elders. We also support women in a plurality of other roles. Our worship style is congregational with multiple instruments, musicians and vocalists.

The purpose of this church is to glorify God in all things.


The mission of this church shall be to worship God, to love one another and to make Christ known to others.

We honor and worship God in our community gatherings and in our daily lives. We rely on the Holy Spirit to develop in each of us a heart attitude of adoration and obedience to God.
As the Lord prayed for Unity for His disciples in John 17, we consider this a paramount value. We believe that our unity signifies our belief in following the example of our Lord. We enjoy unity to fulfill the Lord's command to love one another.
This is a discipline to which the body of Christ must adhere.
Prayer is an essential and intentional part of every aspect of our church life. We follow Jesus' model of communicating with God in humility, reverence and dependence on Him. We believe in the power of prayer and embrace the supernatural work of God in our daily lives.
We know the mind and heart of God through His written Word, the Bible and seek to live according to its truth. We believe it to be the means given by God to transform our lives. We hold the Scripture to be infallible, inerrant and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
God has designed us to need each other, and our church is a place where people have a sense of belonging, support, love and encouragement. We build genuine relationships through which people can come to know Jesus and be strengthened in their walk with Him.
We follow the example of Jesus who "did not come to be served, but to serve," and honor Him as good stewards of God's grace. We utilize our spiritual gifts as we serve one another within the church and serve others in the community around us.
We participate in the work of the Holy Spirit in leading people to salvation by boldly sharing Jesus' message of repentance, faith and new life in Christ. We are committed to equipping every person to carry out the Great Commission both locally and globally.