Associate Pastor of Worship & Discipleship

Communications; Discipleship and outreach; Pastor; Small groups/adult and college ministry; Worship ministry
Full time with benefits

Compass Church Naples

Naples, FL
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Job Description

The Need:

Church planting is exciting work, but as a church grows it needs more leaders to share the important tasks of multiplying disciples, and helping with the tasks of worship and teaching. In particular, we are looking for a pastor who can lead our congregation well in the areas of worship and discipleship. The privilege and weight of a worship-leading pastor isn't simply to facilitate weekly worship; it's to deepen the worship culture of our church and to disciple and develop the people who will continue to lead that into the future. That is why we are looking for a gifted leader whose passion and joy extend beyond a love for worship ministry into the broader love of Christ for his church.

The Opportunity:

This is an ideal position for someone who has served as a worship leader but is looking for opportunities to grow and develop in all aspects of church ministry, and to serve closely with an experienced senior pastor who is committed to their personal, spiritual and professional development. This position will also include opportunities to preach and gain the skills and experience needed to serve as a senior pastor or to be sent out as a church planter.

Responsibilities & Expectations:

• Serve alongside the Senior Pastor to address the many needs and opportunities of a young and growing church.
• Prayerfully plan times of corporate worship in coordination with the senior pastor that focus on leading people to an authentic response of worship to God.
• Proactively plan and execute all musical, vocal, technical and special element facets of weekly worship services.
• Coordinate and oversee volunteers on the worship team (vocalists and musicians) and production team (audio/video support, technical operations, setup/stage crew).
• Working as a team in facilitating the discipleship, development and care of the congregation.
• Intentionally pursue ongoing personal development in spiritual growth, evangelism, discipleship, musical strength, preaching skills and ministry leadership.
• Assist in administrative tasks and needs of the staff team and church, including social media.
• Agreement with Compass Church Naples’ doctrinal statement, mission, values and philosophy of ministry.
• Participation as a vital team member in leadership, shaping ministry direction, addressing church needs, and ministry development, including exploring future church planting opportunities.
• Recognition that passion for the church and participation as a disciple in the church are just as important as fulfilling a particular role in the church.

To Apply:

Candidates should contact Pastor John Secrest directly, providing a resume,
references and a video of leading worship.

About this Church

Compass Church Naples is a small but vibrant, four year old church that is looking for a passionate and qualified pastor to join our team and serve alongside our church planting pastor, John Secrest.

Naples, Florida has been one of the fastest growing communities in the country for many years. The attractions are obvious and have drawn people from every corner of the globe to settle in this slice of paradise. It is an affluent community with many retirees, but it is also an increasingly diverse community with many young families choosing to live here. With a large number of residents who have moved here for a new season, it is a ripe environment for the gospel and new churches.