Teaching Elder

Part time

Galveston Bible Church

Galveston, TX
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Job Description

  • The teaching/preaching elder will serve on the Council of Elders along with the existing elders. The Council of Elders provides leadership to the local church (GBC) and ensures that the teachings presented by the church are biblically sound.
  • The teaching/preaching elder will be primarily responsible for preparing and preaching an expository sermon on Sunday morning (one or two services).
  • The teaching/preaching elder will meet weekly and as needed with the Council of Elders to discuss issues and make decisions regarding the life of the church body.
  • The teaching/preaching elder will be an equal voting member of the Council of Elders, but will be "first among equals" in the area of teaching/preaching.

It is expected that this position will become a full-time paid position as God provides.


  1. Meet and maintain biblical qualifications of an elder (Titus 1: 5-9, 1 Tim 3: 1-7).
  2. Understand and be dedicated to the biblical eldership model of church leadership.
  3. Read and commit to the GBC “What We Believe” statement posted on the GBC website under “Who We Are".
  4. Bible college degree, or seminary degree, or five years or more experience in a pastor/teacher position at a church or parachurch organization, or equivalent combination of formal education and teaching/preaching experience.
  5. Once selected, residence in the Houston/Galveston metro area.
  6. Must be able to support yourself financially until the church experiences enough growth to support a full-time salary.

About this Church

Affiliation: Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)
Average attendance: 40-50
About: GBC is an elder-led, congregationally-ruled church that recognizes that Jesus Christ is the only true head of the church. Our worship style incorporates biblically sound music in the form of classic hymns and contemporary music. We focus on expository preaching of God’s Word. Discipleship opportunities include a weekly Body Life meeting, consisting of a fellowship meal, prayer, singing and study related to the previous Sunday’s sermon. Life groups for youth, college students and adults meet weekly. There are a variety of Bible study opportunities for both men and women during the week.