Student Ministries Pastor

Student and youth ministry
Full time with benefits

Heartland Evangelical Free Church

Annandale, MN
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Job Description

Ministry description

The Student Ministries Pastor will help Heartland accomplish the goal of passing on the faith to the next generation. To help fulfill this goal, the Student Ministries Pastor will be responsible to cast vision, lead and oversee the Youth Ministry (7th-12th grade). This will include direct leadership, recruiting and training volunteers, and working with other leadership teams to reveal the beautiful and mysterious truths of the gospel so that the students may be conformed more into the image of Jesus.

Compensation includes a competitive salary, retirement contribution, expense account, medical coverage and paid time off.


  1. Testimony of a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a life consistent with that testimony
  2. Meets the qualifications of an elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-3
  3. A calling to serve the Lord and his church in the area of student ministries
  4. Full agreement with and supportive of doctrinal statement of EFCA as well as her bylaws
  5. Compatibility with the philosophy of ministry of the Senior Pastor and Church and have loyalty to the staff and leadership of the church
  6. Must be self-motivated, organized and motivational


  1. Reaching students (7th-12th grades) with the gospel and bringing them to maturity as disciples of Jesus Christ who live with Christ in truth, purity and zeal for the Lord.
  2. Recruit, train, and build teamwork in the youth leadership team, parents, helpers, student leaders and any interns to produce disciples of Christ.
  3. Cast and implement the vision of Heartland; challenge students and their parents to come to Jesus, to follow him with you and to serve him with passion
  4. Communicate with the students and parents to keep them informed of activities and more through today's social media methods
  5. Teach God's word in an accurate and relevant way
  6. Create a positive and respectful atmosphere within ministry
  7. Minister to the family unit seeing parents as the primary shepherds of their children
  8. Lead weekly youth ministry events designed to produce faithful disciples
  9. Plan events, retreats and conferences in coordination with office staff and the leadership team
  10. Oversee 7th-8th grade Bible Instruction Course and administer Sunday School for Jr. High and Sr. High students
  11. Develop relationships with students and adult leaders in and outside the church, including attending some community events
  12. Manage the youth program budget

How to apply

For more information and to apply with a cover letter and resume, please visit: