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Living Hope Church

Living Hope Church

Maple Grove, MN
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Job Description

Role Description

Under the aid and authority of the Holy Spirit, and the elders of the church, and in partnership with the other leaders, the Associate Pastor will serve the church by providing vision, leadership, oversight, care, and support, collaboratively with the Lead Pastor, elders, and other staff to further the advancement of faith and joy in Jesus for the members the church so that the church can together carry out our mission and priorities, while embracing the theological teaching of the Elder Affirmation of Faith.


  1. Shepherd the people of the church
  • Preaching and teaching the Word of God
  • Personal discipling relationship(s), modeling, training, and engagement
  • Engaging in kingdom-focused mentoring and mentee relationships
  • Developing and offering training opportunities
  • Counseling
  • Shepherding teams and families:
    • To grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ
    • To know and use their spiritual gifts in serving the body of Christ
    • To love one another as the Church gathers and beyond
  1. Lead the musical portions of the corporate Sunday service by partnering with the Lead Pastor for the goal of Christ-treasuring gospel-proclaiming worship.

  2. Provide vision and leadership for the advancement of the faith of the body of Christ through corporate worship gatherings and ministry events of the church.

  • Develop ministry toward the church mission and vision of a Jesus-treasuring disciple-making gospel-centered family of faith.
  • Collaborate with the other leaders and volunteers in an effort to advance the overall vision and effectiveness of the ministry.
  • Oversee the recruitment, training, and mobilization of volunteer leaders for ministry growth.
  1. Partnering with the staff and the elders to coordinate ministry efforts to fulfill general duties as needed for congregational care (counseling, hospital visits, prayer, etc.)

  2. Oversee and steward the ministry budgets assigned.

Whole Church Aim

To behold Jesus, as the greatest treasure, and in response devote himself to disciple the hearts and minds of others so that people will worship Jesus by:

  1. Treasuring Christ through prayer, study and application of the Word, discipling, patience, and serving one another in love.
  2. Leading others to embrace the great assurance and hope of their identity in Jesus Christ, and to claim and enjoy satisfaction in him.
  3. Developing, equipping, and resourcing disciples of Jesus to live as disciples who aim to glorify God through treasuring Christ and making disciples who make disciples.
  4. Partnering with other church staff and congregation to better carry out its Purpose, Vision, and Mission of the church.

Qualifications & Requirements

  1. The Associate Pastor will meet the spiritual and character qualifications of an Elder as found 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and exhibit the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5:22.
  2. The Associate Pastor must be a man of humility, grace, prayer, and the Word, sensitive to what the Spirit is doing within the church body. He will devote himself to daily prayer and Bible reading for the sake of guarding himself from sin and stirring up his heart and mind to renewed passion for Christ, and he will gladly participate in mutual care and accountability with other believers.
  3. The Associate Pastor will seek to undertake his duties in the power of the Holy Spirit, undergirded with prayer, guided by the Scriptures, and manifesting the character of Christ for the glory of God.
  4. The Pastoral Assistant will have the vision and organizational skills necessary to work effectively within the context of a church body.

Personal Skills

  1. Loving - the Associate Pastor should be a lover of God and people.
  2. Servant Leader—the Associate Pastor should be able to lead in a variety of contexts (individual, small groups, large groups) in such a way that Jesus Christ and his gospel are central. He should be a self-starter and take initiative. He should be wise and discerning and know when to be decisive, sensitive, tender, and firm.
  3. Relational—the Associate Pastor should have a heart to care for people. That drive should manifest itself in the appropriate use of time in caring for those in his care.
  4. Administrative— the Associate Pastor should have the skill set and ability to manage the various administrative tasks associated with the position effectively.
  5. Teacher—the Associate Pastor should be a fruitful, biblical teacher. His teaching should effectively “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”
  6. Communicator—the Associate Pastor should be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and in a loving and biblical manner.
  7. Peacemaker—the Associate Pastor should be able to tactfully and winsomely unite people with varying perspectives to advance harmony and love, and to achieve common goals.
  8. Musical - the Associate Pastor should be a gifted public worship leader and communicator with a blend of humility and zeal.

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We exist to treasure Christ and make disciples of Jesus.