Pastoral Resident

Full time with benefits

The Orchard - Barrington

Barrington, IL
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The Pastoral Resident position exists to glorify God by serving in various ministries that develop the individual’s skills and gifts given by God, while growing in character and spiritual maturity. They will assist an appointed mentor in leading people to grow in faith, hope and love, through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The pastoral resident will be responsible to:

  1. Represent Jesus Christ and The Orchard by being an active and inviting participant in ministry life.
  2. Be involved in Roots, Life and Fruit ministry at The Orchard.
  3. Participate in the 36-month Certificate of Pastoral Ministry Program. Approximately 13 hours will be devoted to class/homework time each week.
  4. Be available 36 hours each week to serve in assigned ministry programs and initiatives. Pastoral Residents will serve in various areas of ministry for three years. Areas of ministry include, but are not limited to, Children’s and Student Ministries, Adult Ministries, Congregational Life, Worship and Music Ministry, Multi-Cultural Ministries, Media and Global Ministries. Potential pastoral ministry experiences are attached.
  5. Meet regularly with an approved mentor for growth in spiritual formation.
  6. Manage and/or facilitate specific ministry tasks as assigned by the primary mentor. Ministry-specific tasks will vary by campus and assigned mentor.
  7. Unless otherwise approved by the primary mentor, attendance is required at the following meetings: the monthly All Staff meeting, various campus staff meetings, monthly campus Pray First gatherings and all church membership meetings.
  8. Serve in pastoral responsibilities as directed by the appointed primary mentor.