Part-Time Music Ministry Director

Part time

Lake Morton Community Church

Lakeland, FL
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Job Description

Job Summary: To lead Lake Morton Community Church’s music ministry team, with a focus on helping the congregation engage musically in God-centered and gospel-centered worship.


  • Recruit and develop members of the worship team
  • Plan and lead a weekly practice for the worship team
  • Work with the pastor to plan music for Sunday mornings with a robust and varied expression of biblical and theological truth as informed by the theme of the sermon or season. This person will exercise a thoughtful process to select songs that reflect our theological values
  • Arrange music that will engage the hearts and voices of our congregation
  • Serve as the primary lead vocalist and instrumentalist. Train other members of the worship team to take the lead on occasion
  • Plan instrumental or vocal special music for most Sundays and music for occasional seasonal services (Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.)
  • Ability to plan and lead seasonal children’s music preferred

Ideal Candidates

  • Will demonstrate a vibrant and growing faith in Jesus Christ
  • Will embrace the following core values for music ministry at LMCC:
    • Worship Leadership – Someone who is committed to God-centered, gospel-centered worship, weaving together reverence, joy, celebration, lament and longing.
    • Musical Leadership – Someone who is eager and able to help other musicians develop and can harmonize their gifts to engage our congregation in worship.
    • Team Leadership – Someone who handles the relational dynamics of the worship team with grace and humility, while providing clear direction; someone who cares about the team members and invests in them personally.
    • Connection with the Congregation – Someone who longs to serve the people of LMCC through music, seeking to understand the music range of our church, exercising freedom within boundaries; able to connect with our church beyond this role.
    • Personal qualities – Humble and teachable; service-oriented, not performance-oriented; someone who will respect the theological vision that shapes LMCC’s worship.


  • A sincere, mature and growing follower of Christ
  • A willingness to become a member of LMCC
  • Ability to affirm the EFCA Statement of Faith without mental reservation
  • Strong vocal and instrumental ability (preferably on keyboard or guitar)
  • Organization and leadership skills

Hours: 5-8 hours per week

Pay: $10,000-$15,000 per year