Senior Pastor

Full time with benefits

Mulford E Free Church

Muscatine, IA
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Job Description

Position Overview:

The senior pastor shall be a man of true Christian faith, with pastoral experience and Christ-like character. The responsibilities of this position include the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, guiding the church’s strategic vision, spiritual care and welfare of the church. These shall be done both as a corporate part of the church body and as an individual led by the Holy Spirit.

Qualifications of the Senior Pastor:

Meet all qualifications as listed in the elder leadership team section of the Mulford Church by-laws. Become a member of Mulford Free Evangelical Free Church, in full accord with our statement of faith. Have ordination or licensure within the EFCA or be willing to obtain such ordination or licensure.

Responsibilities of the Senior Pastor:


  • Be the primary preacher at our worship services
  • Provide doctrinal guidance for the church
  • Coordinate with the worship team to construct worship services praising the Lord, while engaging and energizing the church
  • Be open to additional teaching opportunities- e.g., Sunday school class, Sunday evening class, small group- as God might lead or at the request of the elder leadership team

Leadership of the Church Body:

  • Work with the elder leadership team to communicate and implement the mission and vision of the church
  • Encourage discipleship in the congregation to reach the diverse population of the community
  • Identify, train and qualify potential elders
  • Mentor and continue to develop current elders
  • Provide resources and invest in the development of ministry team leaders
  • Provide biblical guidance in problem-solving, church discipline situations and in responding to ministry opportunities
  • Encourage and lead the church in fulfilling the Great Commission
  • Speak for the church to the public as directed by the elder leadership team

Pastoral Ministry:

  • Be a strong advocate for prayer for the Mulford Church family and for the local community
  • Provide premarital counseling for weddings as needed
  • Officiate weddings and funerals
  • Be a strong advocate and a participant in visitation, working with the elder leadership team to encourage the visitation of shut-ins, the sick and newcomers to the church
  • Encourage spiritual growth of the church body through fellowship with other believers

Supervisory Leadership:

  • Lead, coordinate and supervise the church staff
  • Invest in the spiritual growth of the church staff


  • The senior pastor is an equal member of the elder leadership team, leading in submission to their collective will
  • Seek out an accountability group to assist in personal Christian growth and overcoming sin, while encouraging others to do the same
  • Set personal holiness goals and share them with the elder leadership team, inviting them to join him in continually growing in holy character and Christ-like qualities
  • Present an oral report at the quarterly congregational meetings and a written report at the annual meeting
  • Keep the elder leadership team informed of any personal, professional or spiritual needs


The senior pastor shall have at least 5 years of pastoral experience in the church


The senior pastor is preferred to have, or be willing to complete, at least an M-Div; or have a master’s degree from an accredited seminary


Godly Character:

  • A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, displaying Christ-like character and humility
  • A clear sense of calling to lead others in the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • A desire to follow Jesus in his personal and family life
  • A love for and commitment to his own family
  • A willingness to be part of the church family
  • A compassionate heart and love for all people

Biblical Worldview:

  • Look at all things through the lens of Scripture
  • Be in agreement with the EFCA positions on human sexuality, gender, marriage and the
    sanctity of human life



  • A boldness and ability to teach and preach God’s truths with love
  • An ability to explain Biblical concepts and practical application
  • An ability to lead, motivate and communicate well with people of all ages
  • An ability to affect church change for the cause of Christ
  • Possess good organizational and leadership skills
  • Be a good steward of God’s resources


  • A vision for Christ and His leading in the church and the community
  • The ability to come alongside the church in coordinating and implementing the vision of the church


  • Must be licensed and ordained by the EFCA or be willing to obtain ordination within 3 years
  • Support the ministry and witness of the EFCA and the Central District of the EFCA