Senior Pastor

Full time with benefits

First EFC of Franklin County

Villa Ridge, MO
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Job Description

The pastor’s primary responsibility is the shepherding of the congregation by providing spiritual leadership, vision and guidance to the church community, fostering growth, discipleship and a deepening relationship with God. The ideal candidate will have a strong commitment to biblical teaching, a shepherd’s heart for the congregation and a vision for reaching the surrounding community with the message of God’s grace and love. He should lead by example, being trustworthy, sacrificial and supportive of the congregation and church vision.

Required Qualifications

  1. Per the church constitution, the candidate must be at least 25 years of age
  2. Must be in full agreement with FCA Statement of Faith
  3. Must be eligible and willing to be EFCA credentialed
  4. 2+ years’ experience in a full-time church leadership role
  5. Must be supportive of Christian school/homeschool education

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Seminary
  2. 4+ years’ experience in full-time church leadership role
  3. 4+ years’ experience in ministering to a wide range of age groups
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and ages
  5. Willing to live in our community or an area in close proximity


  1. The pastor shall spend much time in prayer and Bible study to experience spiritual growth and educational development in his personal life and ministry
  2. The pastor shall prepare and deliver the weekly Sunday sermon that is biblically sound and that will inspire and challenge the church to grow in their relationship with God
  3. The pastor should facilitate and encourage the spiritual development and discipling of congregates by working with the elders to provide visionary and spiritual leadership
  4. The pastor shall shepherd and care for the congregation, providing pastoral guidance, support, and counseling as needed, and facilitating the contact/visitation of hospitalized, house-bound or grieving congregants.
  5. The pastor shall lead in observance of the ordinances of the church
  6. The pastor shall officiate at weddings, funerals, and baptisms
  7. The pastor shall collaborate with church leadership to develop and communicate a clear and compelling vision for the church’s future
  8. The pastor shall engage with the local community to understand its needs, develop strategies to share the gospel effectively and guide the church in various outreach activities
  9. The pastor is encouraged to engage with other pastors in the area and the EFCA district team to develop a support group of encouragement, accountability, and resources
  10. The pastor shall recruit, mentor and empower church staff, volunteers and leaders for effective ministry, and he shall foster a culture of collaboration, accountability and growth within the church community
  11. The pastor shall provide guidance to the worship team and other volunteers in the planning of the regular and special church services and programs
  12. The pastor shall be responsible for overseeing the provision of Christian educational classes for all ages being conducted as a regular part of the church ministry
  13. The pastor shall oversee the administration of the church
  14. The pastor shall serve as the primary contact for Crosspoint Christian School
  15. The pastor shall be in the building and/or accessible for a sufficient amount of time to meet with congregants or church visitors

At this time the pastor is the only onsite staff member and needs to be prepared to fulfill administrative tasks for which there may not be a volunteer. This may include, but not be limited to, printing the bulletins and material for meetings, maintaining records of church membership and committee members and distributing information (prayer needs or upcoming events} to the congregation. It is the church’s desire as God increases our numbers to increase our number of volunteers and /or staff to cover many of these administrative tasks.

About this Church

Who We Are -
United in our love of God’s Word, we strongly desire to serve and glorify God, to learn and grow spiritually and to make disciples. Our small, rural congregation located 20 miles west of St. Louis County in Villa Ridge, Missouri is a Scripture-based church, strongly committed in our care for one another, our support for missions and our involvement in Christian education both in the church and in our local Christian school. We have a vision to increase evangelism and outreach to our local community and to reach younger individuals and families