Lead Preaching Pastor

Full time with benefits

La Crescent EFC

La Crescent, MN
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Job Description

What you’ll do

  • Serve as LEFC’s lead preaching pastor
  • Support the church through consistent prayer and study of God’s Word
  • Prepare and present sermons. Coordinate, as needed, with the worship leader and the small group leader so sermon concepts may be incorporated into these respective ministries
  • Regularly meet with other pastoral staff and oversee assigned ministries
  • Participate in pastoral and member care tasks like communication, counseling, prayer, discipleship, evangelism, etc
  • Actively participate in the elder council
  • Lead discussions on assigned topics
  • Engage in discussions in which other elders lead
  • Receive and provide sermon feedback
  • Prepare and present regular updates on projects and efforts at member's meetings
  • Supervise non-pastoral staff
  • Complete other duties and/or special projects as needed. (We will expand on this once our pastor is selected and the gift mix of the entire staff is assessed.)

You should have:

  • Master of Divinity degree with three (3) years’ experience in regular preaching or teaching of God’s Word and elder-level leadership OR
  • Bachelor’s degree with six (6) years’ experience in regular preaching OR teaching of God’s word and elder-level leadership OR
  • Ten (10) years’ experience in regular preaching or teaching of God’s word and elder-level leadership.
  • Character evidencing biblical pastoral qualifications including:
    • A personal testimony of salvation with a present, abiding, passionate relationship with Christ
    • A life in compliance with the teaching of Scripture and the example of our Lord, including current regular fellowship with God in prayer and Bible study
    • A current active member of a local church
    • A Christ-like spirit in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. Demonstrates patience, humility and gentleness
    • Sober-minded and self-controlled; living in freedom from any enslaving addiction such as porn, alcohol, drugs, food, video games, a love of money etc.
    • Respectable, hospitable and maintains a Christian home. A faithful husband, striving to love his wife as Christ loves the church (if married) and seeking to raise his children (if any) to be disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Fully committed to preach the word as taught, able to give instruction in sound doctrine and rebuke those who contradict it
  • Able to move near or to La Crescent, Minnesota in a timely manner and eligible to work in the United States without sponsorship
  • Preferred: Experience in a supervisory position

About this Church

As a church, we are member ruled, elder-led. We are financially solvent, with 74 members and an average Sunday attendance of 140 across two Sunday services. The congregation is a mix of ages and life stages. We have a plurality of elders. The current council make-up is two vocational elders and two lay elders. We prioritize shared decision-making and leading together as an elder council.