Technical Production Lead

Part time

Living Grace Community Church

Cary, IL
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Job Description

16 hour part-time position


a. Must have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and manifest the fruit of the Spirit as outlined in Galatians 5:22-23.
b. Must be in full agreement and demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Statement of Faith and Living Grace Community Church Constitution and Bylaws.

c. Should have:
a. Strong live production skills and experience in audio, video and lighting systems.
b. An understanding of worship services and how technology enhances the worship experience.
c. Good organizational skills, including the ability to meet deadlines and carry out responsibilities with minimal supervision.
d. The ability to recruit, train, communicate and work well with volunteers.
e. The ability to identify, troubleshoot and resolve production problems.
f. Proficiency and knowledge of hardware and software commonly used in worship services, including:

  • Apple computers running ProPresenter.
  • Stage and theatrical lighting systems.
  • Streaming media setup and operation.
  • Audio production and mixing.

d. Should have one year or more of paid experience or significant volunteer experience participating and/or leading the technical production of a church worship service. Experience in recruiting, training and leading volunteers is also highly desired.


a. The Technical Production Lead is an administrative staff position that reports to the senior pastor.
b. The Technical Production Lead shall meet regularly with the director of worship ministries to understand and coordinate the technical requirements for each worship service.


Worship Services
The Technical Production Lead shall:
a. Provide leadership and oversight to all system support (audio, video, streaming and lighting) for the weekend experience including the operation and maintenance of all gear.
b. Ensure all technical elements in the weekend flow are in place and that volunteers are fully engaged and understand their roles.
c. Occasionally set up, record, and/or edit videos for events, testimonies and sermons.
d. Run the Front of House (FOH) for the Sunday morning service(s).

Volunteer Development
The Technical Production Lead shall coordinate and maintain volunteer teams to handle audio, video, lyric display, lighting and streaming as it applies to worship services. This shall include:
a. Oversee and be accountable for technical volunteers for weekend services and ensure roles are filled, including creating a volunteer schedule, assisting in maintaining the Planning Center Online database, keeping it current and up-to-date. Coordinate these tasks with the Director of Worship Ministries.
b. Provide training for volunteers working with audio, video streaming and lighting to assist them to effectively carry out their responsibilities.
c. Provide basic training to other ministries' volunteers for recurring events (e.g. children's ministry, small group meetings, youth group, etc.)


a. The Technical Production Lead shall have the desire to become and remain in long-term ministry as a member of Living Grace Community Church.
b. The Technical Production Lead will develop and share ideas for improvement in the technical aspect of hardware and software with the worship commission.
c. As a part-time position, the Technical Production Lead can work one or more evenings per week in lieu of daytime work to fulfill their responsibilities.
d. When involved in church activities attended by lay people (e.g., community service project, whole church social, etc.), the Technical Production Lead should not expect additional compensatory pay.
e. Salary and other benefits for the Technical Production Lead will be established by the elder board and will be reviewed annually.
f. The Technical Production Lead will attend the monthly Worship Commission meetings for planning purposes.