Mobilization Pastor

Full time with benefits

Community Bible Church

High Point, NC
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Job Description

Community Bible Church is a gospel-centered family of redeemed sinners committed to centering our whole lives on Jesus through a lifestyle of discipleship and worship. A key component of this vision is aided by the role of the mobilization pastor. The mobilization pastor will be responsible for leading, overseeing and developing our efforts to mobilize our people to serve and meet gospel needs in our city, nation and globally.

The mobilization pastor will:

• Build relationships locally, domestically and internationally with organizations and individuals to find opportunities to serve in every aspect for gospel advancement and gospel saturation.
• Build momentum of getting the people of Community Bible mobilized into serving.
• Embrace the mission of Community Bible Church.
• Connect other ministries at Community Bible with mobilization opportunities.
• Create opportunities to serve and then connect people at Community Bible to those opportunities.

Ongoing Responsibilities:

The mobilization role is too large and too significant to be performed by one person. One of Community Bible’s ministry team core values is “stronger together.” We believe ministry done in the context of a team is better. This position will have a passion to recruit, disciple and lead the mobilization team, which is responsible for the missions and mobilization efforts at Community Bible Church, helping to fulfill our mission and reflecting our core values. That leadership will include imparting vision, planning and implementing strategies, (potentially) supervising staff members, coordinating activities and mobilizing volunteers.

The pastor of mobilization will work with the existing global team to lead the church’s efforts in five areas:

Care | caring for people engaged in ministry who are supported financially by Community Bible. Includes: (1) Connecting with and understanding the needs of our stateside and global church planters and missionaries; (2) Leveraging those connections to creatively find ways to bless and serve our church planters and missionaries (stateside and globally).

Send | recruiting, training and sending people to do full-time ministry outside of Community Bible (e.g. traditional missionaries, para-church workers, church planters or vocation as missions): (1) Community groups are a logical place to cast vision for mobilization, so it is the expectation that the mobilization director / pastor will meet with Community Group leaders and help them find ways to get their groups to put their “yes” on the table for the sake of the gospel, starting with ways to serve when we gather, and then moving outward in our community and even globally where the gospel need is greater; (2) Invest in our people and grow strong relationships (we want to always be focused on discipleship in everything we do).

Lead | leading or mobilizing people through short-term missions’ trips and volunteer placements both locally and internationally. (1) Oversee short-term trips to help, build up and encourage church planters and missionaries. (2) Work with other pastoral and ministerial staff to integrate mobilization for service into their relational discipleship process. (3) Network with others in similar roles at other churches to develop relationships and learn best new practices. (4) Set annual goals for missions and city engagement that are in line with our vision and mission. (5) Oversee our annual ministry plan for missions and mobilization. (6) Engage in an “apprenticeship” model of discipleship and ministry, inviting others to work alongside you to develop them as leaders in ministry.

Tell | communicating Community Bible’s work in mobilization to the people of CBC through stories, prayer requests and vision casting. Work with ministry team to facilitate prayer events, mobilization nights, Missions Conference, etc. to communicate what is happening in our city and around the world in gospel advancement.

Grow | growing a “third way” to do cross-cultural ministry. Traditionally, cross-cultural ministry has been accomplished by sending “full-time missionaries” or church planters to foreign countries. This long-term focus was often augmented by short-term missions’ trips that were used more for vision casting than cross-cultural ministry. Long-term missionaries and short-term trips were the two ways for a church to “do” cross-cultural ministry. But technology (e.g., internet) and population mobility (cheap airfare, growth of cities, etc.) open up new doors for gospel advancement. In certain situations, a new approach may even be preferable to the two traditional approaches. While Community Bible has always been open to this third way and has some examples of this type of ministry, there has not been a concerted effort to develop this third way. We believe this third way represents a significant way to mobilize the people of Community Bible. This type of mobilization will require a pioneering culture, which is not currently a part of our DNA. This role will look to network our people with opportunities to relocate in areas where gospel saturation is limited and seek to leverage their life for the sake of the gospel.

Qualifications / Experience:

• Bachelor’s Degree is preferred, but not required.
• Experience with missions, working overseas or church planting is preferred but not required.
• Experience in recruiting, training and team building with volunteers is necessary.
• Strong manager with collaborative experience.
• Able to unify a team and navigate conflict in ways that honor Jesus.
Personal Characteristics:
• Displays personal integrity and intimacy with God, one who is determined to not let their doing exceed their being.
• Spends regular time in God’s Word, intentionally putting its teachings into action.
• Is an example of Christ through humility, by demonstrating a teachable spirit and by working well with others.
• Demonstrates love and respect for others.
• Embraces the mission and values of Community Bible Church.
• Love for Jesus and a desire to see lives and communities changed by the gospel.
• Love for people, groups and serving teams.